a mother's affection for her child.

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an inspiring sad story that happened in a small village

this is a sad story about a mother's affection which is the sad story of the mother. The essence of this story tells of a mother who is very dear to her child. Every day preparing food, washing clothes, and whatever home affairs the mother always spoil the princess. However, after the mother came home from the big city, her attitude changed completely. That was very nice and affectionate, now even the opposite. and what happened to the mother until she died and what she entrusted to the princess?


this is an incident that happened to a small village, when there was a loving mother going to the big city, after returning to her house totally changed from before. when this mother loves her daughter very much, and no matter how late at night her son comes home, she will wait to make good food and deliver it to her son.

but since returning from town, she has changed and will not take care of her child, even if her child comes home very late at night, she never takes care of her, does not even cook at home anymore. When his son is hungry and tells the mother, he just answers in a high tone, you're big, if you still can not cook yourself?

so her daughter thinks that her mother no longer cares for her, then arises feelings of dislike and hate to mother, she starts washing her own clothes, arranging her own room, when hungry for her own cooking, all things have to be done alone, though she is tired, hungry or sleepy, never cared about it. In his heart he assumes that his mother is gone.

and shortly thereafter, her mother died, during this break, the boy was far from her mother, even cold and hostile, so her mother's death did not have a devastating effect on her.

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