Long time ago!

in #life3 years ago

Hey everybody!!

Im finally back after my vacation. My school started and the first week is done. Its time to come in my daily routine again meaning that I will also start posting on steemit again!

I had a great vacation and have lots of energy to keep going untill the next one. I hope everybody else here also had a great vacation!

Unfortunately I see the market is kinda red these days. This is a pity because I finally managed to reach 1000 SP. It was a long and tough road but I'm glad I made it. Now I just have to hope the STEEM price goes up again because my vote has the same value right now as it had when I only had 250 SP.

I will also try to make some new contest or maybe do a comeback with my "Thanks for the support" contest. Time will tell but for now I just want to say: I'm back!!




Welcome back man!

Thanks!! Hows the gaming going? I play a lot of LoL these days :)

Looking forwatd to your posts and contest.