10 steps to fulfilling your dreams

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Only a handful of people will fulfill their dreams. Can we do anything to be among them?

Here are ten important steps to fulfill your dreams:

1. Find what you really want. - But not only that. Explore your wishes. Do you know why you want it? Is it something that fills you with internal fervor when you talk about it? It is very likely that you will not be stopped by obstacles when you have enthusiasm for your dream.

2. Decide. - Most people who have achieved their dream can accurately identify the moment they decided to go for it. From that moment on, you just know you're on the right path. It has already started. You have been thinking. Now you are doing.

3. Talk about your dream, get in touch with people who think alike, look for information, resources. - Has it ever happened to you that when you needed to solve something, you met a friend who knew how to do it or did it right away? This is the stage when you are already making decisions and your thoughts focus on the target. We don’t know how it works but suddenly many information start to connect and the path to your goal is emerging.

4. Write down your wishes, set a goal, make a plan. - This is the unpopular part where unfortunately many people end up at. Mind set is one thing, but fulfillment of a dream involves a lot of work. But if you meet step one, you are enjoying it.

5. Closely examine your internal programs. - What do I have in mind? Just as your enthusiasm motivates you and helps you overcome obstacles, your negative internal programs hinder you. If you believe that you don’t have the "cells" for business, it will permanently interfere with your dream start up. Negative internal programs often relate to our capabilities, money, but also to other people (colleagues, customers), and the general rules that we think the world is functioning on.

6. Complete small steps. Celebrate each step. - It is simply following the plan. When we have a big project in front of us, we don’t want to get into it and we lose motivation. But if we break the project into smaller parts, we can handle it easily. And every little accomplished step gives us energy.

7. Be consistent. - The journey to your dream requires self-discipline. Continue with your plan. Check what you've already accomplished. And once in a time give your plan a critical review. Does it lead to your goal? Does it correspond with your current situation?

8. Do not be discouraged by those who say it’s not possible. - Don’t let them take away your dream. When they say it’s not possible, they are talking about themselves. Not you.

9. Have fun with your dream. Imagine you have already achieved it. - Rejoice, be glad to be on your journey. Try not to fight. Everyone has dark thoughts sometimes. If you are stuck, leave it for tomorrow.

10. Overcome obstacles. Do not give up. - Howard Schulz built a network of Starbucks cafes, even though banks told him “no” 242 times. Walt Disney's Disneyland Entertainment Park design was rejected 302 times. J. K. Rowling was struggling with dozens of Harry Potter dismissals from publishing houses. Do not deteriorate your enthusiasm, persevere. An obstacle is not the end. Just a challenge to find another way.

Do you have other tips that helped you fulfill your dream? Inspire others, write them in the comments. 



Thank you for this information.

You are welcome @moneytino ;)
Followed you, pelase follow back for more interesting posts..;)

This is a good step-by-step guide :) Great post!

Thank you @naskono ;)

I like your posts as well, I will read some of them and follow you..;)

Hey @Suzzane I think it is good that you give the people on this platform helpful advices. Your words are very encouraging and inspiring. Thank you. I would love to stay in touch with you. You can follow me if you want :) @denise.kluch

Hi @denise.kluch

Thank you for kind words, I will do my best to post more helpful advices..;)
I followed you and upvoted your posts ;)

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Hello @Suzzane

You have done justice to these aspiring bullet points and have as well really summarize almost all steps needed for anyone to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams in life.

One point i am committing myself into in order to achieve my #milliondollargoal is your number 6 advice which is "Complete small steps. Celebrate each step". I know earning my first million dollar before age 21 will be a huge task but by setting smaller goals daily, weekly and monthly and completing each small step, it will become more easy to achieve this wonderful goal.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you @bania ! ;)

Small steps are important as well as small celebrations for every successfully completed small step..;) Before you relize it, you live on an island in large mansion and thinking to yourself "How did I end up here? It has been 5 years already?!"

Ohhh, I love that illustration above. That's the beauty of taking small steps and celebrating little achievement

add °love° as your fifth tag :)

..aand I did ;) Thank you for resteeming @anisoptera followed you and upvoted some of your posts..;)

Maybe I would add to these steps one sentence: Like yourself as you are. It does not mean to be selfish. Just say to yourself: I am worthy of fulfilling my dream!

I like that @hairyfairy ;) Everybody should say that to themselves every morning in front of the mirror.. :P

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