Redecorating My Flat Continues - New Kitchen Floor

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Redecorating takes time. A lot of time.
And when you start a new job in the middle of if. You might procrastinate a little ...

But the kitchen floor is finally painted, and here’s the result:


I am in love with the color combos! Three shades of grey, right there. ;)

And this is what it looked like before:


I know. Ugly yellow wooden floors!

And notice how I’ve taken down the top cabinets to
make the room more open.

I can’t wait for the paint to dry so that I can back in there and make some smoothie bowls again.

I’m literally watching paint dry! Zzzzzz!

I hope you all have a great weekend. And thanks for all the lovely comments and the upvotes. I appreciate it!



love all the fridge magnets! I always collect them to. one day i will have my own place so i can make it nice to, renting in Amsterdam fro now

I gave them all away and stopped collecting them :o

oh waaw your kitchen looks very welcoming and tidy 👏🏻👏🏻 cool new floor, have a great weekend :DD

Thank you! You too!

thank you my friend 😊

  • greetings to you!

Congratulations on the "new" kitchen, it was very nice. It is great with such gray color trends on both floors and walls.😀👍🏻

Wow, changing the floor color changed it from an amateur to a pro interior design look! It looks so clean and minimal now, I like it!

Is there any more upscaling on your house in the pipeline? Must be mostly done by now or?

Enjoy your sunday!

Det ble utrolig bra! Skjønner du er fornøyd👍🙌😊

Wow, that turned out great! Removing the top cabinets was a nice touch. Now the ventilator doesn't look like it's trapped in a corner anymore:)

Hahhahahah!! That’s so spot on! Thank you!

J'aime beaucoup le nouveau sol de ta cuisine ! Ca fait beaucoup plus moderne :)
Bravo ;)