In a kid's mind are many colors! What happened to adults?

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Tori Kelly, Ariana Grande, justin bieber, ed sheeran. Where is ur inquisitiveness, your empathy, your concern, human feelings, humor, realness, do these still exist‎?

 If you lost them, I found them, jampacked them and i'm bubbling them out in the air for you. 

I saw; thru a kid's mind's eye and made a special creation in this simple picture above:

In this piece there's a lot; This kid has been looking at that tummy. Looking at his mama's butt and noticing that the protrusion isn't real, it's mostly because her tummy is out-of-controlly big. This kid kept watching (concern, love, curiosity, empathy, self sacrifice) his mama removing her tummy strap; she must be going through some form of disarray, he says to himself, then he sought and tapped into his senses to find a solution (problem-solving, true friendship, exploration, brainstorming, digging) and ofcourse there's flood in a child's mind, colors away from boring black and white thus, series of solution came to the fore, from which he had to sort to identify one (order, decision making, interest, puzzling, pondering, wondering, out-of-the-boxness, to-mars-and-back) then ofcourse, beautiful kids; even their puke has humor in it, their errors; genius and out came a prayer! Forget it, they believe in God, a Creator, Supremacy (humility, human, (it is human to feel there is universe higher than us), cute). Secret help! They go praying instead for help! Without publicity, they sought help; for the possibility of watching and marveling at the change on mama's face when she identifies that her farts, fart themselves out of her, plus to be there to watch her laughs, when every poof-puff deflates her biggest bubble. (Genius, true leisure, dreams-attained, fulfillment, happiness)

To make this piece, I entered a child's mind though; busy streets there you know, wavy ponds with gold fishes and gold but I crossed and created that picture. Some effort on my part to remind us of our essence; (to stay humans, explore our 5 senses to the fullest, use our minds, rock our brains, love fellow humans and touch earth itself with the most powerful beautiful vibes, while attributing all glory to Jehovah.



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I think I saw you on Bitlanders before.