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My Brother Bubb

When I think of Unconditional Love (UL), my mind first goes out to my extended family.

They love me, even if I never talk to them again, or even if I need to come live with them.. it's fairly unconditional.
They know I would find the same for them, in my own heart.

UL can be taken too far as well; then it may cease to exist. It can be run into the ground. It is not invincible, just stolid.
If someone takes advantage of love; it can be ruined.

Here is a picture of me, and my little bro back in the day. Let's just call him "Bubb".

Jeff Dana Papineau 1966.jpg

He was always a little physically larger than me, so even though I was 2 years older, people would ask if we were twins.

Phyllis Jeff Dana 60s.jpg

I always thought my dad was a great painter, he did the painting above. Mom was quite the Sinatra and Kennedy fan. They were both professional musicians and music teachers our entire childhood.

Mom made many of our clothes.. she cooked, cleaned house. Nothing she could not do. They will turn 81, and 82 this year, still going strong.

Dana Jack Kearns 2009.jpg

Above is a picture of my adult brother, shaking hands with the man that saved his life:

When Bubb was 2, and I was 4, we were out playing next to a dangerous canal (Arizona was irrigated entirely by canals) and he fell in, and almost drowned.

Neither of us could yet swim. We had run out of the yard, some 1 Kilo away, to an unfenced area.
Bubb fell in; a neighbor saw and ran along side, but she could not swim either.. A man working on the roadway bridge nearby heard her shouting, jumped in and saved my 2 yo brother, as I ran home to find my mother. He was unconscious but was revived.

A few years later, we were in Texas, visiting our great grandmother (who was blind her entire life in 1 eye, from running as a child with scissors!). Bubb and I collected small Toads we found, in Folgers coffee cans (w/ resealable lids).

The toads lived in those cans, we would feed them bugs and vegetables, and we would dump them out and play with them from time to time. We called the toads:

Big Bubb and his Flying Bubzos!

because there was one bigger toad, and the rest were very small.

Since we were small children, to this day, we call each other "Bubb".

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The Family relations are always based on Unconditional Love. They should be if they are not. My family loves me more than anything and in the end that is the only thing that matters.
Great to meet your brother sir @surfyogi. May this love always remain within you and your brother.

In the most complete version of our lives we all perceive everyone as different version of ourselves.

bubb and brother are close definitions :) its nice to have a brother i got older brother too ;) and from childhood photos i thought siblings too haha. nice family post .

Inspiring true story. Unconditional love is very powerful force and some of the most beautiful feelings we can experience. I like this post very much! I wish i could have a brother like you guys. Well i have a brother but it seems he doesn't like me much. Maybe cuz he is much older idk.

awesome change, from every photo in time.

You must really love your brother? It is a good one, i admire that.


yes, I do.
But we never ask each other for money. We love each other too much ;-)


Hmmm. Interesting.

Literally gave me a smile seeing this bond , god bless you both !!

And in the childhood you and your brother really were on the same face :)

This post is so sweet! There is truly nothing better than family! New to Steemit and following along on your journey, thanks for sharing :)

there is nothing more powerful than love
your article is really aspiring

Thanks for this post!

I love family stories :)

Upvoted and resteemed

A great story of brotherly love in the 1960's. what an ordeal about Bubb falling in the canal. Siblings are invaluable. It is difficult sometimes just to love unconditionally. I think the painting is pretty cool. 🐓🐓

You have a good brother and a good family, health to your parents.

Family are the only part that can never be forgotten nor will they forgive you
and that was kind of near death experience for Bob.
and may your Mom and Dad live along side you for more and more years buddy

How cute ❤
I like it so much
you was a really wonderful child