FALSE HOPE?... There is no such thing

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Today was definitely one of the most stressful days. After experiencing all the many failures in the infrastructures of the systems in Nigeria, I got a very deep and important message from one of those experiences.

So we were waiting in a queue to register for the National Identity Number, NIN at the NIMC office (if you're Nigerian, then you will know about this). The process was so slow and the people were so much. It was taking forever to get the registration done, due to "network issues" (another inadequacy we as nigerians are familiar with).

At a point, I was like


I am tired of this country

After waiting for over four hours, one of the guys working at the NIMC office, came out and said that we should all go home and return on Monday because the network just went off and would most likely not coming back before they

At this point I was like


This can't be happening...(tired face)

While others left, I was too tired and disappointed to leave because it was almost getting to my turn. So it was only one lady and I that was left there. A few minutes later, a woman who works in the office saw us said we (the girl and I) should wait that maybe we could get the registration done today.

Now I was like


Thank God I stayed o

The guy who asked everyone to go home said to the woman
""why are you giving them false hope"_

And I looked at him like:


Which kind of enemy of progress is this

The woman replied
_There is nothing like false hope. Hope is hope._
"If they wanted to go, they would have gone since."

Long story short, we got the registration done less than 30 minutes later.

Yeah I as feeling like this as I walked out of there:


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The human mind has been recognized to be so powerful. The ability of the human to imagine and create is beyond measure.

If this is true of our minds. Imagine if those ideas and imaginations become stubborn.

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Hope is the residence of the mind.
When we are ready to make all the sacrifices for what we want, and are so invested in our dreams, our mind does this wonderful trick. Our mind tells us

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Our mind convinces us to be stubborn and confident in our goals.
This is most noticed when the circumstances and scenarios around us are changing for the worse. We refuse to let the circumstances, and reaction from others change our desire to achieve our goals.
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To me, it seems like our mind is lying to us all the way. It makes us think it is so arrogant, confident and certain of the future.

The good side is that the human mind is very intelligent. So it looks for any reason whatsoever to stay committed a a particular goal.

So I begin to think that just l like that woman said there is nothing like false hope.

If you're having hopes, it us because you have chosen to stick to your desire to achieve your goals and not because someone else is telling you it is possible, not because the circumstances seem favourable.

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So next time when you're about to give up, remember that

HOPE IS HOPE, no matter the source


Thank you for reading. I hope you found it interesting. Do well to drop your comments and check out my blog


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Beautiful 🤔🤓🤔🤓

Nice update
Hope is hope, nothing like false hope

Hope is hope, no matter the source.
I love that line!

We Nigerians have lots of it
Its in our DNA

Hope is faith in motion. I'v got stubborn faith.