How to register mailbox?

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  1. Login email address, and then visit:
  2. F12(open debugging) -> Console(Console) -> paste script (enter)

    Script content:
    var sub = window.prompt(Domain Name,support:\r\nMore suffixes please visit.:\r\nClick cancel to go.\n','');if(sub){document.getElementById("SingleDomain").value = sub;document.getElementById("idSingleDomain").innerText = "@"+sub;}else{"")};

  3. Fill in the mailbox you want to add, click "add alias"
    1)登录邮箱,然后访问 :
    2) F12(打开调试) -> Console(控制台) -> 粘贴脚本 (回车)
    脚本内容:var sub = window.prompt('输入域名,支持等等...\r\n更多后缀请访问:\r\n直接点击取消即可前往\n','');if(sub){document.getElementById("SingleDomain").value = sub;document.getElementById("idSingleDomain").innerText = "@"+sub;}else{"")};
    3)填写要添加的邮箱,点击 【添加别名】QQ截图20180120045329.png
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