Moon Gazing And Blazing

in #life4 years ago

Thought these where kinda rad pictures, I hope you enjoy them. It's so eerie the moon, and every thing beyond it. The vastness haunts me, I want to know more, andI've always had a touch of the"tin foil hat". Man some of this stuff is has to be true such as the whole flouride thing in water, and toothpaste,and whatever else, is calcifying our pineal glands our "third eye" and that sounds terrifying. Flouride is in baby water for crying out loud. Baby's don't have teeth nor do they keep the ones they get. Also tobacco is being sprayed with flouride. It makes one pause, and wonder what is this all about? Shit ... these fuckers (government and all there crazy classified groups)got us on lock down in ways we don't even know! It really intrigues me, and at the same time it scares the piss out of me! Thanks for reading my thoughts :) Oyeah the moon pictures , here they are 👇!







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