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A lot of things happens in Africa that cannot just be explained. The continent seems to be wrapped up in ages of mysteries. Some of these occurrences can wow you, others can give you the shivers, and there are some too that can scare the life out of you

Christianity, Islam, Science, Technology, etc has made great advances in the African continent, but some of these mysteries just don't go away and are still very much amongst us. Make what you want of the fact that magic does exist in Africa. It still very much exists, and there's a reason it's called the dark continent. Let's look at some of these events...
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In some villages in Nigeria, some tress have been existing for over 200 years. These tress are worshipped by the inhabitants of such communities. Some of their roots or leaves can be used for healing purposes, but you don't cut down these tress for any reason. If for any reason these tress are cut down, people die.

The River Ethiope in Delta State Nigeria is another mysterious entity. This river is the deepest inland water way in Africa. It's source is from the foot of a giant silk cotton tree. What an unlikely source for a river! Indigenes of the communities along its course, both old and young, can swim in this river without ever getting drowned. The same cannot be said of strangers, who are usually tempted by the clarity and cleanness of the river to take a dive in for a swim. This usually ends in peril. Year after year, strangers keep getting drowned in this river, no matter their swimming skills. How do you explain that?

There was a story of a young man who took ill from some unexplainable causes. He sort medical care from one hospital to another, different Doctors examined him day after day but could not reach a definitive diagnosis. Not even the best of scans could reveal what was wrong with him. They all came to a scientific conclusion that there was nothing wrong with this young man and that all his internal organs were in good condition and working properly. But physically he was dying. What could possibly be wrong with him? Eventually, the young man returned to his home town and narrated his ordeal to his aged Uncle, who told him he was suffering from "nkpa", and that he could only be cured spiritually/traditionally.

According to the Ukwuani people of Delta State, nkpa is a spiritual attack whereby an individual is shot a spiritual arrow that carry's a number of harmful things such as broken bottles, nails, coins, rusted metals, stones, etc.
Healing this condition usually involves a skilled spiritualist/traditionalist calling out these items that came with the arrow from the individuals body. These items are called out to the physical realm so everyone one could see them. After calling out all of them, the individual is said to be healthy again from then on.

Source: Google images

So the young man went through this healing process and became healthy once again.

I do not know if science will ever be able to explain this kind of events. How can a skilled swimmer drown in a river where another unskilled swimmer never drowns? How can a human possibly be walking around with nails, coins, broken bottles, stones, etc, embedded in his system?
But then this is Africa

Thanks @churchboy... you inspired this write up.

All pics without source are mine and were taken with my phone camera.

Thanks everyone for reading!

You can leave a comment with your location and some unexplainable things that happen around you.

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