Struggle is life

in #life4 years ago (edited)

As everybody knows that we all struggle with life. Some people struggle to get money. Some people struggle for getting his/her love. All those struggle what about can you guess? Yes, you right. The reason is to live happily in this world.


As example of myself struggle keeps alive don't even think about all those things that doing in my student life. Reason of this main struggle is to keep me alive everyday. You know what my life being hell when some people use to ditch me as a slut but don't even know about myself. How much work everyday to feed my family as a college student. But nobody going to know that.


Sometime crying is being my best friend that i use to do a lot. Cause people of this society can never understand my struggle. Sometime i wish i could in my college and pass from the college where i could change my life.


All those things always keep my mind so much depression but i also pray to my Allah that i am at good position and thank about that.

Thank you.
Lovely people
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So much true things.

Sad things happen with your life.

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