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What happen to your body when you died.

According to the U.K.'S NHS, Signs that A terminally ill person might be close to dead include :
Shortness of breath, known as dyspnea
Tiredness and sleepiness
Mental confusion or reduced alertness
Refusal to eat or drink

As a person get closer to death their hand, feet, arms and legs may began feel cold to touch. Their skin may begin changing colors, began dark to bluish. Heart rate and breathing rate began to slow down. Some may experience cheyne-stokes breathing, Which is a person goes for many seconds without breathing.

Some people experience a death rattle, Which is loud breathing that might make a rattle or gurgling sound. During if eyes are open at the time of death they may become glassy look. Their brain typically stop working 20-30 seconds after the heart shut downs. A 2013 University of michigan study on rates found evidence that the brain has consciousness. There some time a release of urine and excrement depending the amount of food the person has ingested in the last few days of their life.

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