Be Real Be You! || DTube Exclusive

in life •  6 months ago

Hey Guys,

We all are running a race in which we are trying to showcase the best of ourselves but in reality, none of us is perfect. So what? Does that mean we should stop being ourselves? NO. Who we are is how we should showcase and portray ourselves to others. Yes, there are a lot of filters you can apply to look better to other people, but the end of day you yourself know who you are and these filters won’t even matter. So stay the way you are. If you think you have imperfections, work towards them. If you think you can’t work on them, don’t hide them and let the world see the real side of you because that’s when you will know who really are your well wishes.


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Spot on! Be yourself all the time!

Nice reminder that it is my mission to be wholly, unequivocally, unashamedly me. Big and bright and bold. Nice post. :)


Thanks @artemislives. This is something we tend to forgot but time an again, we need this check. We have to be real.