My First Vlog

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For some people it is very difficult to come in the front of camera and talk to people or show what are you doing in your life.

For some, it is very personal and for other, they are not confident enough to do that .

Most of the time you face problem just because of people because you say what they will think??

I take it really really weird thing and If someone says behave or keep in mind what people will think I am like ok, wait, now I will do that.

For quite some time, I was planning to start documenting my life, not because of followers or money, just because I like it. So yesterday I uploaded my first Vlog on Youtube.

It is in Urdu Language which is my national language. Sorry for that If you won't be able to understand and relate to it but I guess you can understand the language of emotions :0

I was traveling to home with my batch mates on semester break when I filmed it.

Things we did

  • We made fun of each other.
  • We traveled like for more than 5 hours.
  • We had breakfast at a local hotel.
  • We stopped at an unknown place for the first time in life(A different city).
  • I made VLog Yayayyyyy

Problems I faced

  • I don't have a good camera, so my video result was not up to the mark.
  • I don't have a proper mic so there were also some voice issues.
  • It was my first time, so didn't know what to do and what to not.
  • My first time editing any video like this, so editing took very long. I was awake whole night editing it.

My next plan

I have to buy a good camera and a mic and both of them will cost me around $1000.

I should not stop here. The show must go on. I need to have motivation and courage to do it.It will be hard but consistency and perseverance is the key.

I need to have some followers to motivate me and give me constructive feedback. By the way my first video got 40 plus views :p

Any suggestions you would like to give a new vloger?



no idea about Vlog but your video and music is good...keep it up:)

Thank you so much fajar, It means a lot.

I really don't have any suggestions to give you as I'm not a vlogger, I only want to say it's an amazing thing that you are planning to do, and the part about self confidence I'll surely take to mind, you may not know it yet, but you've inspired me today. Resteemed

O wow, really? I didn't think my this video will inspire someone.
Thank you so much. I am honoured.

It takes a lot of courage to speak in front of the camera knowing a lot of people can see and give their opinion about what you are doing.

Yeah, Rezel you are totally right. You really need a strong will power and courage to stand up and speak aganist camera and then upload it in public. I am happy I did that and now I am satisfied and more confident.
Thank you so much so such good words, they mean a lot.

Fantastic...I resteem brother

Thank you man, It means a lot.

1st vlog yet the best i must say @suf1an

Thank you so much.
Did you understand what I was saying? You know Urdu?