Tips on How to Break Bad Habits !

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Hi Steemit Friends,

Everyone has a bad habit. It adds to the eccentricity and individuality of each person. A lot of us are aware of our annoying habits, and there are some who are even proud of it.

It is part of our uniqueness as a being. But no amount of excuses can justify it. It is still annoying.

Mature people are aware of their own bad habits and make an effort to change. They are willing to make an effort to improve themselves for their own good. All bad habits have consequences. They range from a slight social stigma to outright lethal.


It is why people make an effort to change. To reap the benefits and to avoid severe consequences.

Avoid Temptations

Out of sight, out of mind. The saying makes sense to people who wish to break a bad habit. Temporarily avoid people, places, and events where particular vices are rampant.

Hide and store items related to your bad habits. Change your environment and make it difficult to fall into temptations. If your bad habit is behavioral, avoid potential triggers and plan ahead.

Be Realistic

It is rare for a human to have the willpower to go cold turkey. Roll back your bad habits by eliminating them one at a time, slowly, and in pieces. Reduce smoking cigarettes by one stick every week.

This tip will work with most vices including gambling. Create a reduction schedule of around 1-3 years. Compensate and punish yourself each time you break the program.

Replace the Habit

Replace your bad habit with a good one. If you tend to oversleep, wake up early and exercise. If you drink a lot of alcohol, find a healthy juice drink that you like.

There is a substitute for any bad habit. Think long and hard about yourself and find an enjoyable replacement. It's important that you enjoy the chosen alternative.

Get Support

Major bad habits have institutional support organizations that you can join. The minor annoying ones, you can have friends and family to remind you that you are making an effort to change.

Give close and trusted people the authority to criticize you for your bad habits. Habits are sub-conscious and will need conscious control to overcome. It will help a lot if someone is there to check on you.

Assess daily

Checking on your daily progress is an important part of success. Habit forming attitudes are overcome by a strong will to change. This would include a lot of effort on your part.

Remind yourself daily on what you wish to remove and visualize the benefits. Having conscious control over your habits require that you supervise your own behavior. It would help if you are always thinking about the things want to change.

Conscious effort is difficult, but nothing else will work without it. Remind yourself why you want to change and the long-term gains of losing your bad habits.



Self-discipline is the key to everything. If you do not commit to the change and actually make the choices to break the habit, then no self-help tips can help you. Change is possible only with discipline and commitment.

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Much Love, Suzana <3


Great advice :)

Check out this video on addiction:

Thank you for much for sharing this ! I will definitely have a look

All good, it's very interesting ^.^

This is very cool :) I would like to add that you can use apps that can help a ton with breaking bad/ or creating new habbits. I won't mention any by name, because this shouldn't seem like advertisement.
But a lot of them use gamification to help you achieve your goals. So for example, you can set a goal of 10 push-ups each morning. It will then alert you each day, and you can confirm once the "job is done".

The apps have different ways of going about this, some even let you gain XP, and level up a character by doing the daily habits (XP is awarded based on your percieved difficulty on the task).
It might seem silly, but i find that it can help a lot of people by masking boring activities as a fun, simple game.

Anyway, just wanted to add it to an otherwise great list :)

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays people!


Thank you !! Yes i have heard of task apps. Not only for work purposes but personal accomplishments. Thank you for taking your time and sharing. Merry Christmas and happy holidays Emil !!!

excellent tips for everyone's change. thank you

Replacing a bad habit with a good one trumps all other tools. I have found it to be the most effective way to truly realise change.

Another very useful post @suerisue. Thanks!

nice! All good advises!

Good advice

I think the most powerfull is to feel your weak point. Understand that you have something to change in yourself. Most those who have bad habits feel yourself comfortable. They think that it's normal way to do in life.

Great advice !! Very true ! many of us dont even acknowledge that we are having bad habits.

Discipline is one way to leave bad habits. Very interesting and useful post. Thanks for sharing @suerisue.

You very sexy....👍

In the following video Psychiatrist Dr. Judson Brewer talks about the relationship between mindfulness and addiction.

very nice post!

If only we are all perfect. We can take those bad habits. But we don't and it sucks haha. Great post @suerisue.

Incredible! I am very impressed. No kidding, it was really worthy to read! :)

It was well presented and I like how you engage readers into your story. Thanks for sharing!

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your article hits home friend <3, please check out this addiction short article i have, feedback?

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