11 Ways To Increase Productivity For Yourself

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Hello Steemit Friends,

Productivity can be measured regarding efficiency. If a more significant amount of work is done at a shorter period, then productivity can be considered as highly efficient. Productivity can also be defined merely as accomplishing specific tasks within allotted time or deadlines. Hence, a worker who has not reached the required quota is considered to be not very productive. Here are some basic tips for improving productivity.


Eliminate Procrastination

Start tasks as soon as possible. The earlier you start working on an assignment, the earlier you will be able to finish it. There may also be enough time to check for quality. The piling up of tasks can be avoided in this manner. Hence, you will not be overwhelmed by deadlines.

Schedule Your Work

Outlining what you have to accomplish each day and managing your tasks gives you a nice visual of all your work, and allows you to choose which to work on next. And nothing beats the feeling of checking things off your to-do list.

Work When You're Productive

There are times in the day when you are more productive than others. For me, it's the first thing in the morning. Identify these times for yourself, and plan your work accordingly.

Take a Break

If you found yourself staring blankly at the computer monitor, perhaps it is time to take a quick coffee break. You might be working for several hours already without actually accomplishing anything significant. This can result in stress and lack of focus. Quick breaks can help you refresh your mind.

Attack the Big Rocks

There are some tasks, however, that need to be worked on right away. Start working on those "big rocks" first thing in the morning. Once you get them done, you'll feel more accomplished for the day.

Slow Down to Move Ahead Faster

Slow down to evaluate your alternatives and come up with a plan for your goals. Then, design your responsibilities accordingly. Not only will this result in increased productivity, but it is the epitome of better time management.

Avoid Distractions

Are you web surfing a lot or using Facebook during work time? Well, not unless that web surfing and using Facebook are necessary to your work, you should avoid these distractions. Distractions come in various forms but what matter is your attitude towards them. In most cases, distractions are self-created and can easily be avoided such as multiple opened windows on a computer screen.

Take Notes

Have you ever left a meeting and forgotten your next steps? Take notes when in meetings, on the phone or anytime they pop into your mind. This saves time by not having to revisit the conversations later.

Heroes Make Things Look Easy

Read an inspiring quote, or put inspirational quotes on the wall. Some of my primary motivation comes from other people's words. Use these people who've done it before you as an example to live up to.

Manage the Unexpected

Unwanted or unexpected events occur that take much of your energy and time. Practicing better time management implies taking care of disturbances by allocating time for the unexpected.

Organize Your Workplace

A chaotic workplace can distract you from work at hand. Make sure your desk and computer desktop are neat and organized before beginning your work.



I hope you enjoy this post and find something interesting !

Thank you for all the upvotes, comments and repost !!!

Much Love,Suzana



Thanks Suzana, these are really helpful tips! I'm a terrible procrastinator and right now we're renovating our house and need to be focused on each step, as well as have enough energy to carry out various tasks. I'm going to try to be more organised!

This article is something I agree with 100 percent!
I believe productivity is different in every person, but it also takes cultivation and dedication to fully achieve the level of productivity a person desires to reach.
Thanks for sharing!

Nicely crafted piece....UPTO mark.....the kind which is expected from you

Thank you so much 😊 🙏🏻

I like your post very nice post

i always plan my day at night so that the next day its just up and go, the hardest for has always how to manage distractions

That is awesome !! A way to be more productive for sure. Cheers :)

I have found out that the most useful tips for me is getting motivated using the words of heros and people who has been where I am and also keeping a tidy work space. Great post @suerisue I'd be sure to inculcate others into my daily life.

That is a great way. I also love motivating qoutes!!! They are so empowering

Just what I need it. Thank you so much pretty. Keep up with the good information.

You are very welcome !! :)

Great post 👍🏼

The productivity tips are actually quite practical, do you know the 'attack the rocks' you mentioned is similar to the concept 'eat that frog' from the famous book by that name? :)

PS: I actually thought the picture of the incredibly beautiful woman in the post was meant as needless distraction, only realised later that it's probably the picture of the writer herself :)

I don’t know “eat the frog”, I will have a look at it !!! Aweee Thank you for your lovely compliment :)

You're welcome and well, I'm sure you must be getting two dozen similar compliments like that a day given the head-turner you are (I went back to see the pic twice)..

The book is "Eat that Frog" by Brian Tracy. You can easily find it with a google search :)


I feel like it would be wise for me to bookmark this, so I'm going to!

Yesss i am so glad to hear that !!!

"Work when you're productive" that has helped me so much. We have our own rhythms and when we honor them, we seem to be able to do much more with much less effort.

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