Smoothie For the Soul

in life •  2 years ago 

Nothing tastes better than what Earth offers to our body. Smoothies are my every morning dose!

-Almond Milk
-Chia Seeds
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nice ;-)


Awww, appreciate that! :) Thank you!


could you tell me roughly the quantities of each ingredients?


I use a Ninja Blender. so the regular single cup that holds about almost 160z? One banana- I break them into 4 pieces. I freeze my kale so I can get more in the cup when it breaks itself into my cup (should already be over halfway filled ontop the banana. Then blueberries filled up to before the line of the ninja cup. Pour almond milk before it hits the line.. give it a good 2 to 3 cm before the line. Then BLEND! That's just how I measure. Then I top it off with chia seeds (2-3 Tablesoon- always after the blending.. and stir for 30-40 sec until gelatin.)