The mystery of the graves of the devil is's Cemetery in Russia

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ghosts, Satan or creatures unseen with aged into other natural creatures that live side by side with the man. Although this is still a mystery but still it firmly believed by many. It also raises a number of eerie impression in a number of places such as old buildings, building bersejarang until the forbidden forest area, such as in the forest area which is located in the village of Kova Krasnoyarks city, Russia.

There is an open area in the middle of a forest called "Grave Satan" (Devils's Cemetery) not far from the village of Kova Krasnoyarsk region in Russia. This open area filled with the dead bodies of the birds and other animals that because of certain reasons not to disintegrate. The vegetation in this area is quite rare trees visible scorched and dead, and no animals lived here. The chance to come to the graves of the demons is suddenly feel dizzy, nausea, teeth and anxiety that cannot be explained.

This open area known appears in 1908. And because each passing animals cattle will die and people will feel the pain of strange, then the people of the village closest to create the statue in the edge of the area, as a warning to those who want to pass through it.


The statue that made the inhabitants of Kova near the tomb of Satan

Not long as soon as the inhabitants of nearby villages feel curiosity of curiosity on their cattle. Many cattle handicapped and headed two. This was then occur on their babies. The inhabitants of that troubled reported this event to the local government which in turn, central government move the villagers and isolate the area around the graves of the demons. The case and the location of the graves of the demons and then withheld by the communist government for tens of years. Only the story from mouth to mouth that make the graves of the demons still audible in the ears of the Russia. But after tens of years, no one knows where exactly the location of the graves of the demons.

The story about the graves of the demons heated up again in the early years of 80s. Many people are curious and search for the location of the graves of the demons. In a decade, from 1980 until 1990, around 75 men that went to search for the graves of the demons were killed in the Taiga forest (). Three groups organized disappeared without a trace. For example, in 1982 a group of tourists from the city of Nabarezhnye Chelny went to find the graves of the demons and never returned.

None of the expedition successfully reached the tomb of Satan.

In 1991 an expedition experts UFOS from the city of Vladivostok search. After days of walking in the forest, finally they see the statue left by inhabitants. One of its members, Alexander Renpel, portraying events the discovery of the location of the graves of the demons as below:

"Compass in my hand frozen no function. The people feel kesemutan disekujur their bodies, some others suddenly feel pain teeth. All people seem to worry. Not long after we arrived at the location of the graves of the demons, radio communication we cannot function and we quickly leave the area allegations"

members of the research group of brotherhood "Phenomenon" send two expedition to the graves of Satan. But when they will achieve it equipment, were broken, and they did not dare to take the risk to move more information.

The leader of the expedition Nikita Tomin said: "After walking two kilometers toward the graves of the demons, we find a hole. We examine and take some samples from the area before we felt dizzy and nausea.

Tomin concluded that the anomaly from the graves of the demons associated with the fall of meteorites Tunguska. As we know, a meteor usually will be broken into several pieces before completely to the ground. In 1908, a "meteor fell from the sky" and one of the pieces fall in this region. Some of the shepherds went to seek him. In their journey to find a region burn in the forest with the hole in the middle not far from the way in which they graze. The road then move three kilometers away because they are worried that the cattle they will wander into the graves of the demons and the dead. But despite this, mass death of the cattle and some events forced the nearest village, like Kostino, Chemba and Karamyshevo to move.

At the end of the 1920s, an expert cattle named Semchenko threw a rope with the load on the ends into the hole in the middle of the graves of the demons. Rope fell some twenty meters, but never reach the bottom. Semchenko realized that sick birds sprawled out dead only near the hole, and their flesh purple strange.

There is another version that explains this phenomenon. In the 1980s Victor Zhuravlev, a professor of physics and mathematics, members from Meteorite Committee of the Siberian Department of the Academy of Science of the USSR, holds that there is a fire under the ground that goes on under the funeral Satan, as happened in Pennsylvania. The coal fields of the region. passing through the Tungus The oxygen in the area will be very less and burning coal will be accompanied by the emission of carbon monoxide which is not colored and odourless but poisonous to living organisms. But this theory does not explain how the equipment such as the compass and the clock is not working in the area.

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