30 Day Challenge ~~ DAY SIX!

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The best day of my challenge so far was followed up by probably the worst one. Day Six of the Thirty Day Challenge is in the history books..

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30 Day Challenge!


Yeah, coming off of Tuesday's stellar start, I ticked all the boxes that I had outlined in the rules of my challenge.. It was however, too early to celebrate.. I kinda wrecked it on Wednesday.

The problem is getting to bed.. I stayed up way too late and therefore started the sixth day at a disadvantage. However, instead of mope and groan and recount of all my of my failings and short comings in this post. I'm going to try to be very conscious to avoid using negative phrasings, like I fucked up this or this was really bad.. blah blah.. I think that kind of inner-monologue carries over and has a compounding domino effect on mental well-being and, by extension, performance.

I will say that it was not as fantastic a day as I would have liked, but it is a process that I am learning from and improving on.

I will make comments on one broader issue that I observed and am grappling with. Not really sure what to call it, I guess it boils down to a balance of Time Management. I haven't traditionally be very good with organization and managing my finances, so this may be an extension of a deeper core issue, but at least I am becoming more acutely aware of it, which is a vital first step.

I will go more in depth about this issue in my next post, because it actually is a troubling issue that, while as always been there, is something that has become more magnified to me during my efforts in this challenge. I wanted to air it out here and address it before it knocks me too far off track, especially this early on in the challenge.

It is also vicariously one reason I didn't post yesterday, which was a Fail for "one post minimum" but failures are acceptable if they are integrated, and learned from, so as to avoid falling into the same traps moving forward. So with that in mind, let's take a look at Day Seven and the 'conundrum' at hand.



No biggie mate. If I have a successful day I’ll often be so pumped that going to sleep is difficult. Which doesn’t set me up well for the following day.

I constantly have to remind myself that 8:30pm is the time that I need to be in bed if I am going to survive the next day. And I have an alarm set to remind me when to start getting ready for bed.

The alarm helps somewhat since I know when it goes off that I only have a limited amount of time to finish whatever it is that I’m working on.

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ah, I have an alarm to wake up.. but it's got the infernal 'snooze' button.. An alarm to get to bed though.. interesting.. i'll give it a try!

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