30 Day Challenge ~~ DAY EIGHT!

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After having a rough couple of days, Day Eight of my Thirty Day Challenge offered up a little more promise.. time for some renewed commitment to what I know really matters.

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30 Day Challenge!


We can't always be perfect, but we shouldn't let that stop us from striving for excellence. Yeah, we like to kick ourselves when we are down.. I am my own worst enemy at times.. but that kind of criticism isn't constructive. At the times we most need to build ourselves up and show support, is when we tend to tear ourselves apart and beat ourselves up over it.

Life is the journey not the destination, lest we forget it and rue the path. We should embrace every moment; good and bad, and make it our own.

Day Eight was still a struggle getting up, but I did manage to not go out the night before, so I wasn't as sluggish as I might have been.. while it was a slow start to the day, I quickly decided to dust myself off and turn things around. I feigned energy and bubbly enthusiasm at work, and that alone was oddly enough to leave me feeling energetic and even a bit bubbly going into the afternoon.

I faltered in the afternoon a bit more as I found myself shelling out more and more of my free time again, but was able to salvage the end half of the day for myself. I even got on the stationary bike and knocked out a 30 minute exercise! Which felt great!

After a week of starting this challenge, I find that I have been having mixed results with staying active and waking up early. I'm having a surprisingly hard time ignoring alcohol.. but i've been pretty consistent with my writing and publishing.. (I only missed one day, and have had quite a few multiple posts days!)

Another surprise, but a good one, is my relationship with coffee.. I have not once purchased a coffee this week.. not cappucinos, ice coffees, lattes, nothing.. i've stuck completely to drinking brewed coffee from home, and have also been pretty successful and limiting my coffee in the afternoon!


All in all, it's a mixed bag, but I haven't given up! I'm still here into week two! So, I hope you continue to join and support me through this journey! See you tomorrow! 😎


Great work on avoiding the bought coffees.

Sleep has always been my hardest thing to nail as well. I’m getting better over time though. The biggest issue is weekends though when I’m with family and friends. They tend to keep me up too late which throws out the rest of my week.

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This. although, for me its every day.. but I might do well to limit the amount of time i let friends and family keep me up late to weekends only.

I hope you are not addicted to the alcohol.

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I hope not either..

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