Second Chances - The Story of the MATRIX and the Man You Never Heard of, Hank Asher - [life][redemption]

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The Man Behind the Code to the MATRIX

Many of you might think that I am referring to the movie The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves as Neo, but no, the Matrix I am referring to here was actually a computer system that was used to catch child predators, serial murderers and even the supposed 9/11 World Trade Center attackers.

Hank Asher could be described as larger that life by those who knew him. Others believe his life story could even wind up as a Hollywood Movie. Asher was born in Indiana State May 9, 1951 and grew up on there on a small farm. He dropped out of school by the age of 16 but immediately set out to make his dreams reality. Hank began working, excelling at his first few jobs until finally deciding to start his own house painting business while still in Indiana.

Asher moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1969 where his entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit quickly led him to once again starting his own painting business. Asher quickly realized that there was substantially more money in commercial painting of high rise buildings. He was so successful, that by the age of 21, Asher had over 100 employees in his painting business. By his mid 20's Asher was a wealthy millionaire, living the dream life in Florida. By the time he hit 30 years of age, Asher officially retired to the Bahamas to enjoy his riches.


During his retirement in the Bahamas, Asher pursued his adventures with passion, owning boats, fast cars and even an airplane. Hank Asher would quickly gain notoriety on the island as an avid adventurist who would swim with sharks, jet off on a speed boat or make crazy aerial maneuvers with his airplane. This notoriety would turn more into admiration and friendship with the islanders, as he was known to always help those in need without expecting anything in return. This extreme and lavish lifestyle led by the Asher caught the eye of other older well to do and respectable islanders with money that eventually befriended him.

It would be these so called rich Bahamian friends that would have Hank Asher smuggle cocaine for them in 1982 from Colombia to Florida. Hank got into some financial debt to these people after spending most of his money, and they collected by having him fly in 700 kilograms of cocaine as repayment. According to Asher, he did 7 plane runs for his so called friends before deciding to quit the risky business of drug trafficking.


After about 1 year of sobering up from his cocaine running and addicted days, Asher felt like making amends for his drug running misdeeds. Fortunately for Asher, his neighbor and friend was the famous defense trial lawyer and future OJ Simpson defense lawyer, F. Lee Bailey, who connected him with his law enforcement friends. Bailey set up a meeting with Asher and the Miami Florida branch of the DEA. This alliance is claimed to have forced many Colombian drug dealers out of the Grand Harbour Cay.

Then in 1988 back in Florida, Asher was running out of time and money with no business prospects. Asher decided to learn computer programming, and in particular a database language called Clarion. His intelligence allowed for his quick mastering of the Clarion programming code. His brash attitude along with his daring sprit led Asher to quickly start up his computer business with a focus on data mining. Despite his tenacity and driven spirit, he lacked customers until fate come knocking.

First, Asher began buying up customer information databases from private companies like banks as well public agencies like the Department of Motor vehicles. Customer information data was not as highly regarded and sacred as it is today. Back then, they didn't have the tools or knowledge of what to do with this ever exponentially growing accumulation of customer/consumer data. For example, Florida insurance companies had tons of customer data but no way to strategically mine that data in order to boost corporate profits, until Asher's programming skills and algorithms solved the problem.

Asher named his new founded computer company Database Technologies. On September 18, 1992, Asher launched his new data mining program named Autotrack. Now insurance companies could extract customer data such as age, driving history, familial connection, vehicle information and demographic statistics to boost corporate profits like never before based on a certain zip code, for example. Almost overnight, Database Technologies had every insurance company in Florida as a customer using the Autotrack software. The new age of strategic customer/consumer data mining for corporate profit had now begun.

To Be Continued......

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This is very interesting!!
Stopping by with a heartfelt thank you for all your support - of me and our Venezuelan friends. Wished I could give you a big fat upvote - maybe some day....

So appreciated. I know what it feels like when you think you are at the end of your rope and I think the support she is getting is helping her already - even if we are not quite there to have the surgery paid for. It will happen, I have no doubt.

I feel like I've seen this guys photo before and heard this story before. Have they done any documentaries on him or anything like that? I'm really into the true crime genre and smuggling stories and stuff like that and I feel like I've heard of this guy before but can't put my finger on it

Todo un personaje el Sr Asher lo que nos demuestra esta historia es que la vida siempre nos da una segunda oportunidad ya queda de nuestra parte si sabemos o no aprovecharla, es increible como pasó de un negocio de pintura a uno de computación. Todo lo hace las ganas de progresar en la vida @streetstyle

Gracias por tu respuesta y saludos desde los angeles califas

Ok this took a whole lot of twist and turns. At first I thought you were referring the Movie Matrix which you weren't than I was into the lavish lifestyle of Asher which took a huge U turn and next thing I know he was smuggling drugs.

Oh man I will be waiting for the next part.

Yea Hank Asher lived many lives in one it seems..... thanks for stopping by @arunava

It is a great story, this man if he has known to go after his dreams, with some mistakes. But this second opportunity has been pretty good. It is always good to take second chances well by Mr. Asher

He’s a fucking Wizard!!!

here here @hendrix22 or is it hear hear?
I'll make it a hear here to be sure...hehehe...

Lol Looking forward to part 2 😃🤘

Excelente, amigo, @streetstyle. Siempre hacia adelante para poder evolucionar. Mis saludos.

Interesting biography, he is a very risky person, usually such people happen when there is nothing to lose. Thank you was interesting to read

As we say "born in a shirt", that is, he is always lucky, one only dealing with drugs, pulling on life imprisonment. Thank you an interesting biography, I want to know the continuation.

Interesting post. A man wants to, can achieve anything.

@streetstyle, Great to know about this personality, and in my opinion I've first time heard about the Matrix Computer System which used for the good.

And in my opinion more and more people should come out with the Technologies which can help humanity and also it should expand the effective services of life.

And it's something unusual to read means, he swam with the sharks, if so then in my opinion that's an most dangerous act and at the same time it's an daring stuff.

And good to know that he also helped my Islanders and he had an Helpful nature and history is evident that, in my opinion people who do good and hold great helping nature can pushed into the misleading path.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

this was definitely something worth to read today it would be great to know more in details in the part second

Oh, this man is lucky, and he knows what he's doing. I think he's always one step ahead. Thanks for the message

nosotros decidimos que ser en la vida,muy buena historia,y que bueno es ir de lo poco a lo mucho o mejor,saludos y contando yo con usted y su apoyo,buenas noches amigo.

Despite the mistakes, Mr has managed to continue and fight for his dreams

this is a very excellent story of martrix.but i don,t know this person matter.always giving new one thing in your blog.this time i am reading your post and knowing this good person life history.its my new experience and only you can to give this content alltime your all friend steemians.thanks to sharing for your great post of life martrix.specially,i am very happy you come back again. thank you my dear friend.. @streetstyle may god bless you..

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A bright personality, as the saying goes, keeping up with the times. Thanks for the information

A brilliant story of Asher. The many man puts the handcuffs on himself. Thought and action are the jailers of fate. It's good that Asher finally got out of that prison and forged new paths.

so he to blame for all that crap, I know the guy who wrote Powerpoint, I am pretty sure he has never actually had to sit through one! he retired at 35

Very nice your post, @streetstyle ....
Thanks your informations

Ohhhh very great and interesting post.Great and brave man.i read history of this man.very Amazing history of this man.I m also learned of this man history.such a fabulous story of matrix.very impressive story.this man is so hard working man.this man can achieve every thing in his life.thanks for sharing great history of this man.I really like your post.

Asher has the great story and the very nice logic.

Hai @streetstyle can i have your discord, i want to be your friend
And i want study with you

Intersante the story of this character, impressive his life.

Con esta historia que nos presenta amigo @streetstyle queda demostrado que con sacrificio y trabajo todo se logra como lo hizo Hank Asher y que a pesar de el error que cometió de ser traficante tuvo la fortaleza de deslindarse de eso y agarrar el camino correcto para ser alguien del bien en esta vida. Saludos amigo le deseo desde Venezuela . gracias

I had not read anything about this, but it seemed very interesting, I entertained reading without realizing it Hahahaha

Wow, I really "never heard" about this, but it's really good

Hello my friend, thanks you for support me. Se lo agradezco mucho, espero que tenga un feliz dia. A hug.

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