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Maybe I am alone in this but I find myself losing more and more friends because I am sick of doing them favors that end up costing me more . I have recently had friends asking me to basically manage two different girls that he sees for him. Hiding the fact from the other. He asked me for money to order a bus ticket for one across country witch I did and then the very same day he had some sort of episode and sent me lots of messages telling me to cancel the ticket. Dealing with outsourced call center staff is not one of my favorite things to do but I canceled the ticket. Now my money is held for 14 days. The Next day he tells me he really wants to see the girl up here again witch would mean I would have to order a new 130 dollar ticket, so if i did that 260 dollars in one week would be on hold or on credit. I really don't want to do this and he is getting mad at me because of it, on top of that he also wants me to write a different woman that is in prison that was recently put in and when she was out he was seeing her too. They are both Felons on parole and not allowed to be in contact with each other, so that is where I would come in writing a letter to the prison she is being held and using coded language to tell them the message was not from me and this other friend I have. I am getting frustrated with this entire ordeal, I wish I could just go to work and be reclusive with my own family again instead of being trust into this chaotic drama.

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Actually I am telling this, if I had such kind of friend! I will take a ticket and go to his residence and knock him down! That's the step #1 and will continue the same process until I feel well :D Just kidding... don't do that!
We are humans nah! So we met different kind of people! If we can't change him, better stay away from him! Friendly manners of ours some times arise such kind of troubles! Hope you will find a good friend this time! And yeah you have your family after all those dramas!


It sounds like you need some new friends that have a better focus. Hang out with people you admire and that you want to emulate, not those that you have to clean up after.

That dude ain't your friend.

Wow really story sir. it is the lovely drama.


One of those outsourced call center operators.