Did I choose the correct or incorrect time to quit my job? in this crypto game.

in life •  last year

Wow this week has been crazy for me. I was sick all week with the flu, laying on the couch and hacking my lungs out. Then I had a bombshell change happen in my life as well, this part i dont perticularly want to go into detail with but i will tell you that this may leave me in the poor house, highly depressed and I ended up just not going into work when i was sapposed to return. It was a matter of leaving a life of shitty wages of only 200 dollars a week. That mabie a lot to some of you but in new york its not even enouph for a hotel room. I had recieved a really good payment for steemit and i was waiting for it to pay out when suddenly. The price of Steem backed dollars fell off a cliff along with Bitcoin. It Is already too late for me to take back my actions and I must find a way to move forward.

Some things can really seem too good to be true and you just hope you can cetch a break in the work you do. That somone will really value your efforts enouph to feed you and keep you alive untill the next day. Times might be tough for some. they will be for me. I just need to keep telling myself. "this is when tradeing can really test people and make or break them. The breaking has happened, there are so meny people staying silent through this crash it seems they jumped out of their office windows and down twelve floors to the concrete below. Ouch!! ..

I am going to be on steemit way more often now and you can expect a lot of great content coming from me! Lets hope we all get ritch buying in this low or lets recover our losses.

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It is not worth working for a salary that is not enough for anything, I tell you that I am from Venezuela, sometimes it is better to look for money for our ways than to go to a job as such. Do not worry that better jobs and better salary will come.

Get well soon man!