What Is The Next Step?

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You can mold a horse spirit so bad that it doesn't care about its own misery anymore. It is the same with people.
Also with dogs. A dog can cry for days for being on a chain but at one point it will give up and deal with its misery.

How did I come up with this thought?
Living on my island is beautiful but it would be better If I was here all alone with my animals.
My neighbors have a dog and they leave it outside all night barking.
I did the whole "protocol". Go talk to them, no result. Go to the police, no result, phone calls, no result.

Now I have come to the next step. I could be molded like the horse and don't care about the misery of constant barking and lock myself up in the house and deal with it, close the doors, close the windows, turn on the fan and airco because it is hot on my island and the fresh air keeps it cool.

Or because some spirits can not be broken and I am a free spirit untamed woman, fight back.
The island is small, most of the people know the owner of the dog.
Talking did not work, the police did not work, even the law doesn't work. In my book you are an asshole than.
So they need to be hurt where it hurts and that is Facebook. Name and shame the person for neglecting their dog. There is a law and it is not allowed to let the dog walk the streets alone.

Even if you point it out to the owners, they don't care.
It just dazzles me how people can be so disrespectful, to the law, to the police and their neighbors.
So I need a plan.
Please write in the comments what I should do next, this is going on for years and I am done with it. I will not be mold into the thought this is normal and I have to adjust to the misery,

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What did police said?

that it cost a lot to prosecute the owner.