The Reality Of Life Try To Understand Fisrt!

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Hello Today i am going to highlight the very important step i our life where were are always wrong and i will share some interesting real life stories as well !

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Here it is very common in y country where child born there parent decides what he will become in the future either the dad need him to be a lawyer or a doctor so he will force him and make his mind to become a doctor ,

It is not important for there parents that if this child is interested in cricket or he wan to become some thing else he must be a doctor by any way!

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My message is just to those people who are close to loss there children with this pressure like many people force their kids in different ways of life , like is he fall in love with some one and there parents do not allow him to marry that girl and they want him to marry to the one whom they like!

My question is that they are living the whole life with that girl on the boy will live to her ?

For me it is important to say that we should take care of our kids in every way of life and we make their mind to achieve there Goals in the life to make him a successful person not to force him to become what we like!

He has his own right to become a great person and become what he is interested in !

He is our society many kids attempt suicide after not getting admission in the medical or engineering and i am not liking that their parent force him to become a doctor or engineer so that is why they are attempting such rubbish .

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Likewise i see one amazing person died and he shoot himself just because their dad rude to him the why he engaged such person whom he love and he did not listen to their parents and he was that much treated that he shoot himself on head and he died on the spot !

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Sometimes I wonder what makes parents act this way. Nothing justifies it, no reason is good enough.


Not sure but in my place we have so many cases that people are stubburn and they dont allow there kids to be happy with whom they need to be.


Parents are the most selfish persons you can ever meet.
All they want is the "best" (in their definition) for their kids.
And they try to get it in any way.

Hope I will not act the same way.... :-)

You inspired me to my todays post, who to be good parents and let me feel my love for my son. It is the most beautiful feeling in my life❤❤

Dont feel bad for making decisions that upset other people, u're not responsible for their happiness


yes, u r responsible for yours


Accept wht is, let go of what was... have faith in what will be


well said bro, ur thoughts on fire!!!


thanks dear, never underestimate God's hand on ur plan :)


I would not 100% sign that. But you´re right in 80% of the cases.



좋은글 잘 읽고 갑니다.
내 조국 언어로 쓰고 가서 미안합니다
영어를 잘 못해요~

wow really nice write up! Also i want you guys to check this out; why you need to appreciate people that believes in you on your road to success. It's very important. Click the link to view, you can also share with your loved ones too as it inspires you

Good post, Don't forget to look at my blog, maybe you like it

Every parents should help their kids to choose their destination....Not by forcing but by feeling their desire.

I love this, I want to join this group How?. I'm learning😊😊

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Whatever you mention is this article “may be right” “may be wrong”.
When we are in childhood days we wish that dad & mom should say yes whatever I ask and I do.
If everything goes right all are happy.
If something goes wrong we blame our parents for not guiding in correct way.
I witnessed so many cases when couple had love marriages and got divorced because of lateral differences.
And I also witnessed so many cases after arrange marriages also couple got divorced.
But as per my opinion if we listen to parents words and obeying them, then the percentage of success is more.
But I may be wrong.
And finally I appreciate your articles due to which we are discussing this important topic and keeping our views.
Views may differ but our goal is for betterment of humanity.

Great article I don’t have children but is one of my dreams I really like and scare at the same time but I think this is the purpose of humanity.thanks. Lot and have a nice day from greece

some of this story line hpnd with me
what should i do?
m living rootless in the world
i can't find my old me

This is indeed a great piece, and i would like to applaud you for coming up with such interesting ideas, many parents tend to go against the dreams of their children by denied them the chance to explore what they have desired to be in life,

Here in my home community there are many cases of parents going against the desires of their children, in one family here in Uganda, a father denied a daughter to marry a certain man giving a view that he did not like him, which in actual sense not good and i greatly condemn it.

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Such tendancies have caused broken homes and many young people have denounced their parents because of denial.


My life was also just like that! Haivng my parents dominate over most of the decision in my life .. I'm not happy about but i guess they were for my own good!


Well i believe that parent should follow their kids and they have to guide him in a good way


It is both to understand the situation. Parents behave because of over concern. Yes Sometime we misunderstood they are also not ready to understand that we are capable to take decision.

So awesome 😊

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Never cross limits or the story will end badly, parents must learn.

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likewise in the African setting, it's your parents to make decisions. Am in a career I never wanted and the fact that I also have to wake up and go to the school that ain't interested in is hell.
My children's life will be different.Nice read

He is looking like Fin Balor of wwe

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We must take care of our children well and respect their ideas since childhood and to direct them to the right way and the way the child wants, but to focus on something good and useful to the community before it is useful to him
Love we speak a little must go to whom we love and Nkht him

We must take care of our children well and respect their ideas since childhood and to direct them to the right way and the way the child wants, but to focus on something good and useful to the community before it is useful to him
Love we speak a little must come to whom we love and to save him

It is true that patents force their desire on children.They don't see what he wants to be.We should give free will to children to choose his path. Can we stop these suicides anyway @storywriter

Yeah I am fully agreed with you. Everyone has his own potentiality. So he/she should get the right to use his/her potentiality. The parents should understand that and should not pressure them to be traditional professional like doctor or engineer.

Excellent post, I would like to applaud you for coming up with such interesting ideas.

Nice post thanks dear vote by me

Trust me, children should treated by what they want, what things that they interest with. Parents as a director, not as judges

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In some culture if boy born they think that they got the jackpot as because during marriage they can ask for the dowry. Boys are consider valuable resource and girls are as liability. This cause female feoticide.

And the whole life depends on parents direction, so that they can get the maximum profit over it.

Would love to know what country this writer is from.

Trust me, children should treated by what they want, what things that they interest with. Parents as a director, not as judges

Some parents may be too protective or look for partners for their children considering the point of view of them not the young, but it is normal because they want the best for their children, but what they can do is advise them and tell them the consequences and leave them to see how they defend themselves on the subject of love or behavior it is good that you publish this type of publication to help families

This is a good subject to to talk about. In western countries this kind of preassure is not seen or heard so often as in Eastern countries. For example, in India, upper level parents want their children to be doctors or engineers. Last year in Japan, a father killed his son for nnot passing the test to enter Tokyo University. In fact, there is a term for work burn out: Karoshi.

hi @storywriter

Yes the parents should not impose their wishes on the kids. So many children are fulfilling their parents dream but not really children's dream

thank you for good stuff

it is true. Parents should understand their child,s interest. I witness, how people force their kids to fulfil their desire, what they like. The movie 3-idiots is based on it.

I totally loved your publication. I apologized beforehand I am using the Google translator to comment.

Everything you express here is so real and so difficult for some parents to understand that we are only the bearers of their body to bring them to this world, and the life of each one depends on how they decide to live it and we must be able to accept whatever the decision they make to shape their life, our job is to tell them the good and the bad, and the decisions they make for themselves. Excellent publication!

Great post.. you are right.. parents must rise their kids and bring to them some advices... but let them take their own decisions..always, not force them to do something they don´t or make them unhappy..

I agree, everyone must develop their dream, nothing should be forced, we do what we like and we get old doing what we come to do in this world, if it is forced then it is frustrating and we will never do it well.

Bro your story inspires me , I am going through tough phase of my life , everyday is challenge , everyday I get up thinking how to move forward , we need to face all challenges and move forward that’s what I have learned

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i like your post :) life is short, we should cherish every moment ~ no one can force us to do anything we not willing to do

Real education is very vital to all parents because, it helps them to understand and accept the uniqueness of their children and in turn treat them with love, care and respect in order to help these children fulfill their God given purpose here on earth. Real parents knows that they are not owner of their biological children, but just a caregiver for a limited space of time.


i gone through your post. whatever you jotted down is definitely 100% right. very helpful regarding understanding the human psychology we must appreciate our parents for their countless struggle for us thinking that what will we do when we will be at that position.

We should listen to ourself

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as a parent myself , i believe we cant force any child to do what you want when they get older , but the only thing we must make sure we achieve in the upbringing of our kids is we dont raise big ignorant assholes . as long as they are not harming others then who cares what job title they hold

impermanence of life

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You got me with the foto of the guy and the baby.
Had the same experience 3 month ago when my son was born.
This was a so intense moment that I was smiling while crying.

Love the little one :-)

Cheers to you and have an awesome weekend!

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