Most Useful but Less Known Websites !

in life •  5 months ago

Most Useful but Less Known Websites !


TopCV (Create a professional Resume/CV in minutes ) - Choose a template, make your CV and get hired.

Britannica Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia Britannica ) - Learn about daily science in an easy way.

Weavesilk (Silk - Interactive Generative Art) - Create arts like below within a few seconds.

Bartleby (Great Books Online) - Get free fiction and non-fiction books from here.

Instructables ( How to make anything ) - Take the free classes for making anything.

StudyBlue (StudyBlue) - Get study materials for any source you are studying.

Chapiapp (Save anything from web ) - This site helps you save contents like texts, images and webpages to a personalized space and recollects them when you require.

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