The Final Day of Boomtown Fair Chapter 10 | LIVE MUSIC

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We were feeling super lifeless on the final day of this amazing experience. But we knew we had to hang in there for 24 more hours. So we don our best party outfits, put our makeup on and get out there into the thick of it!

The weather was less than ideal for a festival, but that didn't stop us from seeing the acts we really wanted to see! Deluxe, Limp Bizkit and Die Antwoord to name a few. This vlog has very minimal talking and lots of audio from the acts. Hands up, who likes live music? MEEE!!

One act we stumbled upon which I absolutely fell in love with was Will Varley. He dedicated songs to his newly born son and wife as well as one man in particular, who I knew nothing about before this, The Man Who Fell To Earth. A beautifully tragic story about an illegal immigrant who found refuge in the wheel compartment of a jumbo jet, only to fall to his death over London early one morning. He did manage to pick us up afterwards with a more upbeat number regarding politicians who he doesn't believe in anymore. Great song!

After that we just boshed about and made the most of it. Capturing the sights and sounds of what was soon to become a fond memory... **ENJOY**
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That Will Varley song is fantastic! So great to hear an actual, real protest song made with the thought and care like Dylan and Ochs would write. One question...where is the Boomtown Fair located?


Will Varley is my new favourite folk artist! He has fantastic music, check out his youtube channel :)

And Boomtown is located in Winchester, England. Tickets are going to be released for next years show very soon! Will you go??


I will check his channel, for sure. Thank you. I like him a lot! It would be amazing to go to that. I've never been to Europe. Always wanted to, and it would be great to check out the music scene while there. If I am able to make it, it will have been an exceptional year for me! A man can dream...

Wow! Sure you had a great time and experience. That's cool

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Thanks mate! It was a blast, back to normal life now