My 1 cent on what I sense I have been doing wrong : My Social Media ban

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This a new type of post where I am looking to write about things I have observed and what I can do to make my own personal change both within myself and externally.I have been told that I speak some sort of sense and that I write articulately so this is my attempt at letting my thoughts run free under the guise of social commentary.I have been filling Steem with mainly skate video projects and I would like to add more articulate prose driven posts to my feed.

My Social Media ban

Let me start by adding that I see social media as an axe. By that I mean it can used for both good and bad , for an axe can chop wood and it can also kill someone. The difference between these two actions is the choices of the person. Social media can be very useful and even the fact that I can post on Steemit and get people to to see my posts is amazing. In addition to this I use facebook, instagram and youtube to show friends and strangers my creative endeavours.

So why the ban

I imposed a ban as I found it was detrimental to the pockets of time I have being single.
By this I mean that as I am single , it can get lonely and instead of using this time constructively to
create music ,skate videos or just write an article like this one.
I would basically come home and then spend most of the time messaging people on Whatsapp or glued to Instagram.

I found this routine led to a negative spiral whereby I was starting to rely on people replying to me.
When this didn't happen I would then feel worse and more lonely as it was perceived that nobody cared.My only self claimed evidence being things like frequently checking my phone and looking for the message receipt so I knew they had read it.People have many reasons for responding or not responding but the main thing to stress is it is actually not important.What was important is that the positive social person (me) that started these interactions was now becoming bitter and more anti- social.
I would feel my self-worth being grated away with each hanging message as opposed to improving my self esteem by being myself and not reading into these things to much.


The solution

Try taper the social media you use and use it to promote yourself and show your friends and the world your best attributes. Instead of coming home and waiting on people to speak or message you . Come home and think what should I do with my evening should I make a song, edit that video, work on some coding (my new project) . I can also come home and just be free of all distractions and relax in a quiet non intrusive bliss without worrying about the world in my phone.


So basically what I have done is I have set an alarm for 6pm and from then on I turn off some apps and do what I want/need to do . By doing this I have a found an air of calm and a much needed element of self respect in terms of social media. I have more time to think and formulate ideas. I now seize the opportunity to write and express how I am feeling. In turn I can share this with others and together we can start helping each other.

I hope you enjoyed this first instalment and look forward to your comments so we can understand and empathise with each other. I will be using my new found free time to try publish one of these a week with varying subjects and ideas.

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YO BROSIR! This must be why I never see you in discord? I take Saturday off from the computer, ALL DAY. It is important to step away from the machine. I am usually on early USA hours my dude, but message me directly anytime. Much LOVE & RESPECT BROSIR
...still thinking of doing a song fer me?


Totally still into doing the song , just need to find some time to listen to a radio show and getting a feel for the show and what to put . Drop me a link

I have been doing my shows on Sundays at 2PM PST.

Nicely said bro.
Social media can indeed become an addiction if you don't use them right.
Glad to see you are able to find some inner peace.
More freewrites please , very good blog.

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Thanks bud I want to keep doing more things like this


And you should my friend.