I was likely near the lot when I was out that way, tons of stages there, I have pics of me at the gates there by security someplace online.

I wandered onto the area where they filmed Smallville for years, different part of BC, it was one of the areas near a bible college I was staying at on my 6 month trip west/prairies.

I blogged a lot on that stuff before you came back. Last summer I am going to say.

"Supernatural" is filmed there, too. Another show I love. Seems like Vancouver gets a lot of TV business imported from the USSA.

I enjoyed Smallville for the first five seasons....I lost interest after they killed off Jonathan Kent.

Did you know the girl who played Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) is in some big legal trouble for being the second in command of a sex slave/branding cult? I read that the girl who played Lana Lang got her into it (though the Lana girl grew disillusioned and left the cult), but Allison went up through the ranks to be a heavy recruiter of other girls, and is now the top girl (woman). The leader of the cult was just arrested in Mexico and sent back to the USSA for trial, and Allison is supposedly trying to keep the group going on her own, but is expected to be arrested, too, at some point.

The girls who left the group who knew her say she was really in the thrall of the leader, and still is. She engaged in a high speed chase with police in Mexico when they arrested the cult leader, trying to rescue him. Crazy things going on in the world, man.

I did not know, Chloe was a fav. LOL. Yikes.

Check my feed / there is a YT livestream since the Syria strike just happened, I support Dan Dicks there, I am in the stream

I'll check it out. The world is a weird place these days.

So many scenes from SN and SV etc --- I have literally seen IRL with my eyes, in the same "Travel with Barry" series -- you will see one of the day I climbed Grouse Mountain there in North/West Van -- and got up there and they were filming the cabin scenes for the Shooter movie with Marky Mark


True story. It was all roped off near the wolf den area and I wanted to see that cabin.

I climbed the mountain in near record time too.

Good pics of me and that mountain top there on a couple of those posts.

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