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I want to present you a different perspective on life when it comes to setting goals and happiness, as a story.
Society is not completely different from what I am about to write to you here, but in essence, if you want to be happy, it would be advisable to be aware of this different perspective and add it to your life.
So I'll start with the story of the child who grows up and realizes that really what he thinks life is totally different from the reality that gives happiness.

Chapter 1. Child being, dreaming ..

A 10-year-old child dreams that one day he will get rich. He is passionate about cars, he wants to own a Ferarri. He imagines the day when he is going to drive, has posters on the wall with the car, knows a lot about it.
When he comes out with his parents in the city and he sees from time to time a red car immediately turns his gaze. Not always a Ferarri. But from time to time he sees one. Maybe not even red, but yellow, blue or black.
He feels something special when he sees it. His whole body seems to break away from this reality and penetrate into a dream. In a beautiful dream, where she still believes, because she is a child and the children know to dream the most beautiful.
"Mommy, Mom, look, that's how my car will look when I will grow up."
"Yes, excellent." his mother approves of him with pain in heart, knowing that it is impossible to have such a car and that someday the dream of the little child will shatter.

Chapter 2: Does the dream begin to disappear?

Time passes quickly and every passing day begins to realize how ridiculous the dream it has.
"Better do your homework, leave the crap," his parents say.
"Stop dreaming, you will never have a Ferarri," says the professor who sees him obsessed with this idea that sooner or later will crush him.

Now our character is in the 6th grade. The posters on the wall began to get old.
His mother tells him he's going to take them down because they're ugly.

But he feels a lot of pain in his soul when he thinks his dream of having such a car will be shattered from the wall.
His mother gives up and leaves him, but tells him that "someday you will realize that you will never have such a car, idiot kid you are!"

He starts crying. With big tears. With much pain in the soul. Knowing that one day he wants to see his dream turned into reality, but stopped by all those around him who do not believe in him and thinks he is stupid because he wants something more ridiculous from life.

Chapter 3: Ten years later

The adolescence passes and remembers with nostalgia the dream he has.

He knows he'll get there, something in his heart tells him that. But something in his mind tells him that it is very hard, that it is impossible.
But choose the path that very few choose in a world where safety is raised to the absolute level and the risk is painted in a negative way.
Parents do not support him in what he does, because they do not understand how he will "get to where he has" and do not want to see him fail, reaching 40 years after hundreds of attempts, asking "Why does not he succeed?"
But he does not stop here, that's just the beginning for him.

Every deterrence makes it stronger.

Every tiny probability gives the validation that yes, it can!

Everyone knows that it will be at one point followed by a yes!

So it does not stop there, it just starts. So every failure of his life brings him closer to success.

So she realizes that she better chooses a life she wants more and acting in that direction than a life of regret.

He does not know how he will get there, but he feels he will one day get there.

Chapter 4: Monaco

The narrow streets, full of curves and the cool air that encompasses the whole body while walking speedily through one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

The southern part of France, the place where many people arrive, very few allow themselves to sit and enjoy all that the area can offer.
The speed with which the red car is accelerating, the sound the exhaust drums make when it enters a tunnel, the air that surrounds it, the freedom it feels when it presses the accelerator pedal and is pushed with the whole body in the chair, the smile of satisfaction that appears on his face when he realizes that yes, he succeeds, is worth more than a very important thing.

All his achievements are very much worthwhile, but the most important thing is not the achievements, the goals he has reached, the yacht he has parked in the Hercules port, the red Ferarri he runs speedily through the narrow streets and curves of Monaco, clothes, the clock that is worth the apartment where he and years have dreamed of a better life.

All these achievements are very valuable, but the most important thing is the way up there.

All those "You can not" he heard from his friends.

All the erroneous stories that her parents told her about reality.

All the doubts of his acquaintances.

All those moments when he walked past the shop windows, realizing that he did not even allow a handkerchief, but was motivated and encouraged by those places.

All those moments when all his friends went out into the city and he stood in the house sculpting his dream in the forms of reality.

All those moments when he failed, he was out of money, he was out of food, he was left with nothing but him and the important lessons he had learned.

All those moments when everyone laughed at him.

All those moments when no one took notice of it.

The most interesting part of every success story is the story itself, not the final result.

While accelerating the red Ferarri in which he walks for some time he gets to the top. In a place where he can see the whole city.
He gets out of the car, sits on the edge of the city and says ...

"The way here is what really matters, not what I managed to do and do. My life story is the most important thing, not what I've managed to become. "

"Because the story of your life is the story that you write in this life, and that you leave your inheritance to those of yours. I hope you will leave behind a work of art that inspires others to do truly remarkable things with their lives. "

Your story tells a story. Your story stays here, even if you're not gonna be.

This is the most powerful thing you can do with your life.

Act now.

We need more examples of remarkable people who have come to nothing from nothing.

You'll be gone over 30-50-60 years.

Your story will stay.



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