How to Eliminate Suffering From Your Life

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For the wounded one, for the one who suffers, for the one who has fallen and thinks that he will never be able to rise ... for you I am writing now! For the one who does not see the beauty of life, for the one who struggles, for the one who has lost hope ... for you I am writing now! For the confused, confused, disappointed, lost, frightened, helpless, for you I am writing now! Because I want you to know that in you is the power, in you is the treasure, in you reigns, numbed, the architect of your own life!

You, who suffer deeply now, need to know and understand that life is a succession of struggles. Fighting from which we all want to be the winners. Sometimes we win, sometimes we crash, we're torn down in the trenches. Sometimes we throw our heads up, confident that we will succeed, sometimes we hesitate, for fear of being defeated. From time to time we surrender, hoping to save something.
Some struggles are taken out, but the worst fights are those that you take with yourself, with the inner demons. These are the struggles in which, most of the time, you capitulate, trying to limit the damage. Because you do not know how to end the chaos that reigns in. Stop bleeding, treat your wounds, gather the soul pieces that have scattered along and you try to recreate the whole. Because that's the way you can go forward.

But a life without struggle is a lifeless life. And suffering will never disappear from your life. Because it is part of human nature. You can accept it and decrease its intensity. But you can not eliminate it.

And even if every fight hurts, you need to go and resist, knowing that there is always a flame in you. A flame that sometimes burns intensely, sometimes flashes, and sometimes it seems almost to turn into ash. A flame triggered by the spark of life, activated by your very own existence. Even if the intensity is not always the same, it will never quench and as long as you live inside your being there will be at least a little sparkle, ready to reappear the torch of the soul and make them burn more intense, more and more stronger than ever before. Regardless of the damage, no matter how devastating it was fighting, no matter how many wounds you had to mow ...

And what if it hurts? And what if you cry, suffer and you fight? If you think you'll really get rid of the pain, you're wrong! And I think things are finally going on for a purpose. I think you are where you are and you are fighting for a reason. And when you get to understand it, life makes sense. And when life makes sense, beyond the clouds see the rainbow, beyond the storm see the sun, beyond the fog see colors. When you come to understand the purpose of life, beyond grief, see joy.

Even though it sometimes seems like the inner fire has consumed the molecule with the molecule, atom with atom, you will never collect ash from the rooms of your soul. Because even though you sometimes do not realize it, you are strong! More powerful than you could ever imagine. And, when you get in contact with even a part of your inner power, you become great. You become unstoppable ... And every winning fight takes you closer to your own treasures.

Yes, maybe you sometimes feel like you are in the abyss, and it will never be better, that instead of getting up to the light, you get more and more in the dark. And maybe it's true everything you live in. But I want you to understand one thing ... In you is the power! The power to pick up, to gather, to shake, to recharge your weapons and to continue the fight. Because just so, at the end of each day, you can declare yourself a winner!

What do you fight today?

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