Do not let them take your joy of moving!

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“Find what feels good!”


Effort, soreness, sweating on well defined muscles. A Spartan instructor who counts your flotation and does not seem very satisfied with your rhythm. This is what some people think of when they feel motivated to move. And it's okay. But that does not mean that everyone has to be in this surrealistic painting. There are other forms of "art" in the end.

Please do not let them confuse your joy of doing your own style! Do not be fooled by their conception that you need to raise hundreds of weights to look better. No, moving is just as personal as your favorite pants: it's not necessary to be fashionable, but it's important to fit and feel good to them. So do not limit yourself to what you need, but find what you like, explore and discover the kind of motivating movement for you. Maybe you just want to have more energy and that's why you choose to do aerobics, kangoo jumps, jogging, yoga or abdomen. Maybe you just want to feel good, not beat Olympic records or participate in ultramarathon.

Making a move is not (just) about sweating and tiring, but also about knowing you, listening to your body, being with you, or sharing the joy of freedom with others.


Do not let them take the pleasure of feeling free and healthy, taking it to the realm of weakening belts impossible, as if moving is strictly the territory of those who want to lose pounds. Do not be fooled into thinking that movement is a punishment for who knows what "guilty pleasures." No, movement means enjoying life, realizing how wonderful it is to breathe, to feel the pleasure of relaxing after an intense activity. And if there is somewhere the pain is squeezing, she just wants to tell you that you are alive, that you have some muscles you may not have been aware of before.

And no, you do not have to be cut off from the pages of the fitness magazines to have the "right" to expose your body to the park or to the apparatus in the gym. No matter how you look, you have the right to want more from you and to provoke your limits of physical resistance, no matter where you are. So do not judge the fatter runners, the people who seem clumsy in the gym or who are breathing hard when they are moving. With every step, they show that they want and can more.
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