Be a chocolate!

in #life2 years ago


With milk, bitter, spicy, white, fruity, creamy, raw, avocado and cocoa, with hazelnuts or other crèches. Be a good-quality chocolate, ready to sweeten any moment.

Be chocolate from the lives of your loved ones. Your calories? Good talk, smiles, encouragements and hugs.

Give the energy and endorphins a gift to people, offer them the delicious treat of your presence in the coffee break or when they need someone to listen to them (chocolate does not judge or give you motivational advice). Be balm for the soul and the stomach.

Pack it nicely and put your most chic wrappings. It's not known who you are going to inspire.

Every day is good to eat a little (or more) chocolate. So gives every day a sweet, compassionate or aromatic and unconditional love tablet. Not just holidays, not just "special" occasions.

Chocolate is not afraid to melt. Melt you emotion when you enjoy something, when you get a gift or meet someone you love. It does not remain loud and dry, like a cake that is strengthened by the passage of time. Express your feelings differently than emotions.

There may be people who do not like chocolate. Do not be discouraged! Accept and adapt. Be their glass of water after they have eaten something too sweet.


Love and MORE chocolate