7 Spring Sensations

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  • The sun has begun to shine more resolutely, and it's so beautiful that it's like I'm sorry to stay in the house. Spring is perfect for straying on forgotten streets, with the camera in hand, looking for special houses and hidden places.

  • Smell fresh, warm and gentle air of scented flowers. For me, the spring is about delicacy and freshness, like a teaspoon tea drank slowly in front of an open window, looking at the life that's going through your eyes.

  • The birds open the morning concert season and wake you up with their agitation. He's resolutely calling me that the time of drowsiness is gone, it's a shame to lose so beautiful weather,hibernating!

  • Around me, people dress like more colorful, as if they would like to match with flowers and trees. The beautiful weather makes me want to quit the computer, put on my sneakers and stretch my legs with a little jogging. The wind gives me wings - to my soul and to my feet.

  • The parks come alive and call you to a taifas with nature. What better place to relax than a cheerful park, where if you're lucky enough to meet some playful squirrels?

  • The markets are filled with delicious, green and pink fruits and vegetables, which you are tempted to try and let them surprise you with their sincere taste. Such goodies make me want to be enthusiastic.

How's spring for you?



Nice photo and good blog. Spring for me is the best. Always about hope. A new fresh season. A new start.

Thank you! You are the best! :X

Spring is certainly the most beautiful part of the year.Warm and illuminated by the sun.It is the best part of the year for me

For me too! :X