5 Simple Steps for a New Beginning

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We are born without knowing anything. We have no intuition, we have no experience, we are not educated, and we may have the bad luck to be born in a family that is far away, far from being the perfect family. For this reason it is very easy that at some point in life we make bad decisions that will bring us to situations we did not want or could not anticipate the result in time.

Still, I want to tell you that it's not time to get discouraged. I do not know if you've ever read the Bible but there says that although you may have come in the twelfth hour of work you will receive the same payment as the one who came in the morning. That means it's never too late to turn your way of living, entourage, and habits if they have not helped you so much and dragged you down.

It's never too late to quit a bad habit or a relationship that slowly destroys you. It's never too late to look for a new job or to discover your vocation because what you are doing right now is bored with death, and besides, the bosses are bored. It is never too late to start taking care of your health, to start moving and to fill your energy reservoir.

However, why do some people accept to leave things the way they are? There are perhaps hundreds of reasons why some do not change and accept to live a destructive lifestyle. I do not know them all but what they can do is I can give you some examples that are more relevant to me.

1. I do not know more than that. Ignorance, lack of education and positive patterns are things that can greatly influence a person's lifestyle. If you are surrounded by drunkards without any purpose in life and you are always with them, you have fun with them, you talk about money and relationships with them, then you can not think how they think and prepare you easy, easy to you become a drunk. Maybe you do not want this, and I can not say that's a rule, but you're turning into the guy you spend most of your free time. Not seeing things from a perspective other than that in which you grew up and distracting your life makes you always be at a disadvantage.

2. Have become accustomed to living destructively. Some people have just got used to a lifestyle that destroys them. They have become accustomed to the quarrels, have become accustomed to being drunk and to continue every day the same way, have become accustomed to wickedness, have become accustomed to being abused by other people, have become accustomed to torture each other day with their addictions. I know what they should do but do not act, and then they go on every day in a mute sufferance.

3. He was compromised by fear. Other people let things go badly out of fear. For example, I'm in an abusive relationship just because they are afraid they will not find anyone better. Or I am in an abusive relationship because they are afraid they will not be able to do it alone. The most common cases are those in which women are abused by men and they leave things as they are afraid they will not do it alone. Fear should not be part of a man's life, much less when it destroys your life.

4. They are lazy both mentally and physically. Some accept nauseous things in their lives simply from laziness. They are never willing to put their hands on and change things that are not good for them. They are not willing to make the effort to become better or more educated or to make courageous decisions to change their lives for the better. He prefers to lament in exchange and criticize those who are successful. Either they say they are cocalarists, or they say they are thieves or tricks, or they say their parents have a lot of money and they were always poor.

So below, I've prepared a list of a few things you can do to get out of an unpleasant situation or a lifestyle that's not beneficial to you.

1. Decisions. Life is full of surprises, and it can often happen that decisions that you thought at some point that might be good for you proved to have disastrous consequences. Yet decisions are good!

I say this because decisions develop your intuition and experience and in the future I am sure you will make much better decisions. Also, as well as the decisions have put you in an unpleasant situation, they will all help you get out of the situation and get it right from the start.

If you do not like something you can always make a decision about that work and make a change. Do you want to lose weight? You decide to go to the hall. Want to have more friends? You make a decision that every time you go out to town, call a faculty colleague with you and honor him. Do you want more money? You can always make the decision to start a business or hire a better job.

2. Courage. When you want a new start you need courage. That means you have to do the right thing, which you know is correct in a certain situation, no matter what you feel. Maybe you do not want to go to the hall today, but the brave thing is to take your clothes and start running, maybe you do not want to learn today, but the right thing is to make a plan with what you learn today and to put on on the job.

When you want to do something courageous you will be for a time alone because the ones around you will test you to see if you are really serious but when they see that it's no joke with you they will want to join. So use courage because you always have it at your fingertips.

3. A well established goal. When you want to change something to yourself or you want to do something, it is very good to have the result you want to get clear in mind. Otherwise, you will not get anywhere because you will not know where you want to go and you will never get the actual work for change or for a certain goal. So make it very clear what you want to get, and then just work on it.

4. An action plan. A well-established goal is not enough for a certain result. I say this because you need to know the way that you will reach until it is fulfilled. You need to know what you have to do every day if you want to lose weight, if you want to develop a business or if you just want to change your habit.

5. Trust. Trust is essential for new beginnings. How could you ever get a project that you do not think will ever bring you money or how could you try an antifouling method if you do not think you can ever give up. So trust you and God that you will succeed when you want to make good changes.

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