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I wonder how many people talk to someone just to look at the words?
To tick off "completed" on their mental list of things to do.
To hear the sound of their voice without having to buy a Dictaphone.

We think that someone cares about us, but what would you do if someone you thought highly of, just went to shit?
Walk away without looking back.

I do alot of walking.



I often letting go of what is beyond my control @stellarbelle

me too, but sometimes the cognitive repetition of others emotions and the perpetual worrying and convincing that others do makes me tired.

Yes sometimes I want to live in an island and I am only the one in it (provided that I have a normal health and body) , I believe that I will be more at peace with no one around and I do not even want a Wilson too for that matter.

fair enough, it would take alot of work but is achievable. even without an island.

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