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in life •  8 months ago

Based on this - got this a few days ago - what do ya' do when they won't learn on their own?

My student refuses to learn, either with me or on their own. They see no value in anything I'm teaching. What can I do?

How I feel:

  • Education is an opportunity. If he doesn't feel this way, he's dumb.
  • Show him the value of education by communicating how it can help him.
  • Some people will not learn on their own at all. Don't help people who ask dumb questions or clearly refuse to seek out answers.

What would you do?

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In my opinion the students need enjoyment in studies and not pressure and the education should be more explorative and with mixture of practicality but the truth is all opposite in most of the places schools are creating only marks grabbers and not knowledge builders. Let's hope that we can convert the school system into fun and knowledgeable and not an face of pressure and burden. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂