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This will surprise exactly no one:

First off I am so confused and I’m getting confused with my feelings and all this mess. I don’t know why she would cheat, I’m not perfect, but I always tried my hardest and I treated her like my queen. Obviously I wasn’t good enough for her though. I am 31 and she is 34. We have been together for a whole 13 years. I have a high paying job so she works 4 days a week but she hasn’t been working lately because she is pregnant. She is only 2 months pregnant so she still has time. I bought a house in which we live in together. I know she cheated because she told me. She called me crying when she was supposed to be at the gym amd she called me if I could please go. She sent me an adress but it wasn’t a house or the gym adress I already know where the gym is it was a motel. I was pretty confused and felt something in my gut. I arrived and I saw her sitting by one of the doors crying and she seemed frustrated. She ran and hugged me and I knew something was up already. We got in the car and on the drive home she explained the whole story. Her personal trainer invited her to go have some lunch and apparently somehow he seduced her. She was crying and told me she immediately regreted it. She offered to go to counseling and she canceled her gym membership. I honestly don’t know what I was feeling, extreme sadness, anger, betrayal. I was confused. I dropped her off at home and didn’t speak to her that much. I drove to the pier nearby to walk around and clear my mind a little bit. I ended up just sitting there and looking at the ocean while trying hard not to cry but it was hard. I was there all night long and didn’t go back home until 4 in the morning. She was there waiting for me at the door and crying still. I have wasted so much on wedding arrangements already and I told her I needed to take a paternity test immediately. She accepted and the baby is confirmed to be mine. I don’t know what to do now, she is pregnant with my baby and we have a wdding coming up and I am just losing my mind now. I felt I was good enough to keep her but I can’t even do that?

I feel she did wrong. I also feel that you aren't that smart - a partner with an opposite sex personal trainer is asking to cheat. Add pregnancy into the equation, which we all know comes with hormones (wink) and you basically handed your partner over to that trainer.

  • I feel you have no standards!!! What is she doing for you? You list all this stuff you're doing for her, and she's doing what?
  • You will feel crushed if you end this. 13 years is a lot of time!!!

I have a high paying job so she works 4 days a week but she hasn’t been working lately because she is pregnant

  • Are you her slave?

If your partner cheated on you with a personal trainer, what would you do? Would you even be dating someone who had an opposite sex personal trainer (if they were straight)?

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I'll be heartbroken especially if we've been together for very long.. It'll be hard to looks her in the face again, hard to love her as much as I did..
I won't mind her having a personal trainer of the opposite sex because I trust her.. But if she cheats on me with him, I'll never take her back..