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He makes it hard to feel bad for him

I don't understand him. He dropped out of college, works a construction job, comes home, plays Xbox, goes to sleep and does it all the next day. He has no girlfriend. Hardly any friends. Hardly a relationship with our parents and zero connection with me. He seems to not care about the quality of his life or the (lack of)connections he has with other human beings. He doesn't 'believe in small talk' because its 'pointless'. He is super nihilistic and hopeless. What is happening? Is he depressed?(he's on antidepressants&ADHD meds) Are some people seriously that introverted? Does he not care to have a relationship with his only sibling? Is he a sociopath with no feelings towards people? ADHD? Autism? Yes, of course we have faught. Really bad fights. We don't agree on much because we are complete opposites. I cannot connect with someone who doesn't value human connection. He has shut everyone off and I don't know what to do. I am livid. I'm livid that he is seemingly "ok" with the fact that we have no contact. No calls, no speaking, no hanging out. When I'm at my parents' house where he lives, he will pass me and he doesn't speak. I'm angry that I don't have a brother who cares about anything or anyone.

I feel your twin is disengaged from everyone. He doesn't feel like he's making progress, everyone reminds him that he's a failure (or he feels that he's one), and he doesn't connect with people 'cuz they don't identify with him and vice versa. Would you want to engage with others if they reminded you of what you don't have or can't be?

Mothers have been feeling this way with their sons for a while. Most guys I meet my age live in a disconnected world and most are failures. The guys of today have low ambition and your brother is like that. Will he grow up? Mature? Maybe. He may stay the way he is. I've seen it with plenty of guys and feel this has become the norm.

How do you feel about her situation?

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