Your Life Story Is Already Written

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''Be the hero of your own life story. ''


I really believe that everything that happens to us is no accident.
Our story is already written somewhere and so everything that happens to us, good or bad, has a specific reason.
But since we will never know our full life story until it is finished, in the meantime, we can design our own lives.
In another way, I’m a firm believer in the premise of karma.
You reap what you sow.
''Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. ''
Every intention you bring into the universe, will come back to you.
It’s the boomerang effect.
Don’t get me wrong…
Sometimes, I stand there and ask myself why on earth is justice not being done…
But then I think of an inspiring person, and remind myself that I can make it, if that person made it too.
For too long, I have let people take advantage of my kindness, but it came to a point that I decided that sometimes, you really need to put your foot down.
Kindness will forever remain my life philosophy, but it’s also important to keep in mind that I will choose to use it wisely at times.
Self-respect is important too.


I think that every person that comes into our lives is there to bring us closer to fulfill our mission on this planet.
That’s another concept I keep in mind when I don’t have enough courage.
In those moments of ''Why is this happening to me? '' ''What did I do to deserve this? '' I remember that god made plans for me and that my script is already written in the sky.

While we may not change his script, we can change our response to it.
I’m a fanatic of reading, so the analogy of life compared to a book is my fave.
Every chapter of our life matters, and even though at times, we secretly wish we could erase some of them, we ought to trust the ending of our story.


Today it hit me.
Six months have already flown by since my birthday and as I was thinking about it this morning, I was in complete shock to how fast time flew by.
Never before have I seen life going by that fast.
I remember last march the day before my birthday, I actually went to my old neighborhood to try to heal my inner child and see the house I lived in before my parents divorced six years ago.
Sometimes, I realize how much stronger I thought I was back then.
The park I had behind my house.


It’s a weird time of the year for me, because as fall is slowly coming, I can’t help but reminisce about the memories of who I was and what was happening last year, at this exact time.
Even though these times are over, the scar will always remain, and it scares me sometimes because gosh could I not go through such hell again. It’s one thing to experience excruciating pain, but it’s another when you’re losing your mind and sanity while going through it.
I thank God everyday for having given me the chance to discover meditation, and to have met some angels along the difficult path I was crossing a year ago.
Not gonna lie, it’s in times like these I wonder why I live in Montreal when in winter it’s like -30 ☹


''You experience your perspective. We don’t experience our reality, we experience our perspective of reality. ''
You know sometimes in life you wait for a sign….
And then when it does happen, it reminds you how everything makes sense in the end, and you should go for it!



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I like very much how and what you write @steemityourway. Congratulations and keep steeming!!


awww you're so sweet 💓!
Thanks so much! 💚 💚

Hello Sabrina! 😍😍


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Nice post i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us


You're very kind hun!:)
Thanks a lot !!😚

Well written my friend!

“Every intention you bring into the universe, will come back to you” I believe in this universal law too :)

Please use for this kind of posts and as you have such a good writing skills you might want to try too


Ok you're too effin sweet!!😍😍
Thanks so much Nathan !!😘😘


you're a babe 💚 💚 thank you


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Very well put together.


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Awwww thanks for bringing back one of my oldies !! 💗
One love! ❤ xoxox

"Be the hero of your own life story." It's so gratifying to hear someone else say those words! Thinking of my life as a story, and me the hero of it, has helped me tremendously in keeping perspective through life's adversities. When I'm having a hard time, I try to remember that if I were watching my life like a viewer watching a movie, I'd be saying, "Now it's getting interesting!" We all know the famous last lines of every fairy tale: "And they lived happily ever after." But think about that last word, "after". After what? All of the adversity that the protagonists had to go through in the story! The happy ending would feel hollow without the struggles that came before it.


Wow man you nailed it!!!🙏🏻🙌🏻💛
So much love and respect for the words you took the time to write.
I completely agree with you:) and I absolutely love the analogy you made with movies! It holds so much truth and wisdom!💗
Thank you:)!💫


Thank you, @steemityourway! It was my pleasure! I love being able to engage with other minds on topics like this.

Good to come along the post through @nathanmars resteem 👍 a good read and positivity about life.
Everything happens for a reason, and that reason help us to get more life experience to live life happily...

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You're so kind mister flow !!!
Thanks a bunch! 💜
You nailed it! xoxox


Ohh thanks @steemityourway 👍 loved the appreciation👌

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anytime mister flow😉

I like your hair color.


awwwwwn thankyouuuu 😘😘


You are welcome