Technology – Modern Frontier For Deceit

in life •  16 days ago 

You must remember, my dear lady, the most important rule of any successful illusion: First, the people must want to believe in it.” Libba Bray


The online world is what porn is to sex – as fake as you can get. Yet we make the mistake of taking what we see as face value. Even worse, we try to reproduce it in our own lives, whether that’d be in bed or on facetune. Somehow, we’ve forgotten that what we see is far from being an accurate representation of reality. Things are in fact never as they seem, especially when it comes to the world that goes on behind our screens.

We jeopardize real life relationships to mindlessly cultivate our online surface relationships. We’ve lost our rationality right where we left it, the moment we decided that our devices were a higher priority than our spouse who’s sitting right in front of us. Sorry baby, the pandora box of the internet is full of dopamine ready to get spilled, and you’re just not measuring up! Facebook, Instagram, echo chambers of the internet, hit me with your best shot!

Stuck in a state of oblivion, we do our best to keep up with deception. Under the fake displayed facades of happiness, lurks a deadening sense of misery. Caught up in a maze of algorithms, external validation becomes our best buddy. Falling for lies that align with our visions of the world has never been easier. Knowledge isn’t power, it’s leverage. We may preach all day long about the virtues of living a life of moderation, yet if we were to take a closer look at our own actions, maybe we’d come to realize that we’ve perhaps turned this internet habit into an addiction. How can you call it quits, when you’ve conditioned yourself to need an hourly fix?

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