''Running away from your problems is a race you will never win''

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''Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold. '' -Maurice Setter

I may triple lap the boys in gym class, but running ain’t always the best option in life.
When it comes to problems, running away from them is not a healthy thing to do.
Just like suppressing our emotions is far from being a sign of mental strength!

Summer 2013 to summer 2015 were the craziest summers of my life.
But not in a particularly good way.
On each of those summers, I went away from my province.
The first year in Ontario, and the two following ones in British Columbia.
I really had this idea in my head that Montreal sucked, and people were mean here and so, it would obviously feel pretty amazing to escape all the drama for a while!
Until I realized that there’s no such thing as escaping problems.
No matter how far you run, they will always catch up to you.
You can travel the whole world, but if you fail to realize that the journey you had to take on is inside yourself, you will be very disappointed.

Each time you run away from the pain inside of you, you run equally away from finding your true identity.
We can only chase higher highs and numb our problems for long enough.
Sooner or later, they will come back, and often, in full force.

The answer is to face our battles, one step at a time.
It’s to make the time to do it.
Deep ingrained behaviors can be very hard to eradicate completely, and while we may be on our healing journey and think we are doing much better, they can unexpectedly pop up back to the surface.
That’s part of the process. Healing is not something that works in a straight line.
Healing is not a recipe either; you can not follow 10 steps and boom here it is!
It’s not because you cultivate healthy habits on the regular that you will not break down again.
Growing is a long and difficult process.

When a problem creates a lot of pain, it is a sign that it requires our immediate attention.
There’s always a surface problem, but underneath, lays the root of the problem.
You need to dig deep inside of yourself to find what is the reason for it.
The light is inside you, and nowhere else!

I’ve written again and again on the power of our unconscious mind.
90% if not more of our thoughts stem from it.
We run on autopilot most of the time.
We may think at times that we are consciously in control, but we are not.
Our subconscious is hella strong and we may often be sabotaging ourselves without even knowing or realizing it.

Every micro trauma that happens to us, even the slightest hint of pain or rejection, every little thing affects us, even though we may not think so.
And all of these things, what they do is that they have shaped the person we are today!
The way we are now, whether we are content or not with it, is the product of years of conditioning! Isn’t that crazy to think of!?
And so in that sense, we can not expect to change or to heal quickly.
There’s no timeframe for that.

We ought not to be scared of coming face to face with ourselves.
That’s how you stop becoming a stranger to yourself.
It’s impossible to heal without having faced your inner demons first.
It takes a lot of courage, but don’t cheat your way out of it.
Self-awareness is crucial, and it will empower you in ways you have yet to imagine.
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"I may triple lap the boys in gym class, but running ain’t always the best option in life."
If you're running a race that would be pretty cool. lol
I think it is good to run away from bad people and b.s. drama but your point is overall a good one.


omg you're too funny!:P I kinda felt cool writing that line u know 😌
But you are 100% right.
Sometimes running away from people can be liberating af 😉

That's such a truth!😉

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Awww thanks so much!:) 💟 @bjornb

I upvoted your post.

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