Freedom - The Lie Of The Century

in #life3 years ago

When Society Hits Bankruptcy


So you thought freedom was a thing eh? Until the class clown that he is got expelled unexpectedly. No warnings. What if he was never really there to begin with? What if he was only a product of your own mind to distract you from seeing the Truth?

It’s grieving time. Life is waking us up from our collective state of unconsciousness. Sadly, humans often need tragic wake up calls before they begin the painful process of reevaluating the kind of life they were leading. Who do you turn to when the very system you have put your full and blind trust into breaks down on you? How do you keep on moving forward when life as you thought you knew it no longer is? When freedom of movement is compromised? When your every move is being scrutinized?

Was this the crisis we needed to stop accidentally taking our lives for granted? To realize that no one is immune to the madness of the show, no matter how much money or notoriety one has. As much as the fragility and the inadequacies of the system are being exposed to the world - so are our own.

The unthinkable has happened and now you see the fuckedupness of society in all of its majesty. This is what we all signed up for. Can’t make wise decisions while asleep, right? Maybe it’s about time we take the time to see the rules of the game we all participate in, now that time is all we have in our hands.


Yet still the masses slumber

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