Don’t Talk. Listen.

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Communication Is About Listening

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like to talk about themselves.
Heck, we all have found ourselves guilty at one time or another of liking it a little too much.
Hence, you gotta trust the professional oxytocin inducer that I am and take note of this powerful advice: Shut up and listen (gentle tone of voice, obviously)

The fact is that if you want to give anyone a fun drug-like chemical rush, let them talk about themselves. I’m telling ya, it really does make someone feel good af.
Giving someone your full and unlimited attention is a precious gift, and one that’s getting rarer by the day in the modern world of today.

Can't be a good sign....


Feeling Heard Is Everything In Life

Active listening is a skill that is difficult to master, as most people listen to reply rather than listen to truly hear what the other person has to say.
Communication is an art, and we, humans, deeply emotional and often un rational creatures that we are, often fail to listen carefully with an open mind and heart to what our interlocutor has to say.

Ever been that person in a big gathering that tries to tell his story, but no one won’t give you the chance? Have you ever had that one person looking at you from across the table and giving you that empathetic look, like I feel your pain brother? Well I live for those people. Feeling understood is one of the best feelings in the world, and also one of the best things you can offer someone.

Being genuinely interested to hear what someone has to say can’t get outdated.
I feel bad for people who prioritize their phones over the human beings that are next to them. Yet, it’s something that is way too prevalent nowadays. We put virtual connection ahead of real live human interaction. No but for real, what has this world come to? What’s better than the real thing?
I’d rather be drunk on life than drunk on likes tbh…

Are you mindblown???


To quote my amazing mentor who said it best:
"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."
See? My "shut up" version is more upfront than his but hey, the result ought to be the same ;)
When you become quiet, you might surprise yourself at learning a lot more than if you wouldn't have shut up 😉

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Talking about listening... Am I allowed to say that hearing @onceuponatime voice for the very first time felt like a guilty pleasure?🙊😍🙈