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Hello my dear steemians!
I am again here on steemit platform with a new post my this post will be about a Village life. Basically I live in a Village that's called "Chakrey ka Khuh". My village is located approximately in Faisalabad, basically Faisalabad is my district which is 3rd big City of Pakistan's. Let's come to topic which is Village life.
Village's life is very beautiful and gentle. In villages people live healthy life because in villages you can't find Factories and Noise Pollution which is also a big factor of depression in these days for those peoples who live in cities. In Villages there are lack of resources to earn more money but on the other hand Village provides us healthy life which is better than cities according to me.
In Village peoples don't use Air-Conditioner because in summer peoples of village sit under the trees which are better than air conditioning that is resource of various diseases. In peoples plough in fields with the help of OX instead of tractor. In Village you can enjoy pure and fresh milk and 100% pure butter.
In peoples use Dung of animals and wood for fire instead of Gas. Villagers build mud house which are better than brick or concrete because in Summer Mud House becomes cold and in Winter Mud House becomes warm that's why Village peoples build mud house. In Village Snack Foods and Spicy Foods are unavailable which are junk food that's village peoples age is more as compare to Urban Peoples. My first priority is village.

Thanks for Reading and what is Your Opinion about Village Please Tell me frequently in Comment Section Below.

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Regards: @steemitlover1

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Have you ever lived in a city, or are you ever curious to if you have not?

I have lived in city, my dear friend @osint

I'm glad you are happy with where you are at!

Thanks a lot