Some Priceless Words of HAZRAT ALI (R A)

in life •  21 days ago

General Truths And Universal Truths Some Sentences


  • Even if no one recognizes you, you will continue to do your goodwill.

  • If you do not get any right person to get Friendship, do not make friends with the disadvantaged.

  • Short learning period is destroyed. Pure knowledge is the prerequisite of the rule.

  • It is possible for the person to do the most good work, that is capable of controlling anger.

  • Unrest is a big danger in itself.

  • Wisdom is honored by the wise, and fools despise by arrogance.

  • Repentance destroys bad deeds and good work of pride disappears.

  • Fast forgiveness brings honor, and fast reciprocity brings disrespect.

The above Sentences are from HAZRAT ALI (R A)

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HAZRAT ALI (R A) is a greatest man in the world. Hi is a greatest man in the world. very nice post . thanks @steemitabir


Hazrat Ali One of the most towering personalities of Islam.
From his unique birth and throughout his life. thanks your comment.