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A dream is anything you want it to be, there is no limit on what you can dream. In two more years, I hope to accomplish this. I don’t know how it will get there but once I decided it I will do it.

Air hostess is one of my dream careers which attract me a lot. I feel that I can give me my best in this profession. I know it takes much patience and energy all the time.

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Every job has their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I think that living away from home is such a challenge to me. I need to organize my time, prepare my meals and take responsibilities for everything. Besides that, delayed flight may make me feel exhausted and my skin will get dry because of flying.

The greatest advantages of being an air hostess are I can visit new places and peoples. Some Airline even paid for your accommodation so I can spend my salary to investment a house or give some to my parents.

Being an air hostess can give me more confidence and I can experience more in my life. Life is too short so I will do what I love!

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