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Designed by @paigegirl

In every community, there are people who render selfless service and contribute immensely to ensure that success is recorded in any community they find themselves without asking for anything in return.

We have such people in Steemians Arena who devote their time to contribute to our project, which is building a community that supports minnow and help them grow.

In order to encourage our members and boost their morale, we decided to come up with a weekly program where we pick one member who has been helpful in our community and talk about him or her.

Today, we are going to meet one of our members who is worthy of recognition due to his selfless service in @steemiansarens

Let's meet @jacksondavies

1. Kindly introduce yourself to us (your real name, hobbies, gender, and where your moniker was coined from)

Answer: My name is Jackson Davies (not real name), I'm a guy who loves writing, reading, doing art, playing video games and watching good movies.

2. Who introduced you to steemit, and what convinced you to join?

Answer: I knew about steemit for months before I registered, but I always ignored it not fully understanding what it was. Sometime in January this year I was doing some research on cryptocurrency faucets and came across steemit again, this time as a thread on nairaland written by doyinisaac, I also found another authored by @destinysaid. These threads made me understand what steemit was and gave me the push needed to register an account.

3. Have you ever at a point given up on steemit due to the challenges faced by newbies? If yes/no, why?

Answer: In my first two months on steemit I gave up countless times. I was able to inspire myself by reading the blogs of other steemians who made it by being consistent. The articles of @booster916 helped a lot.

4. How much did you earn on your first post, and what was the feeling like?

Answer: I earned $0.7 on my introduction post and it felt good to finally start making real money online.

5. What is your passion/profession outside steemit?

Answer: My greatest passion outside steemit is art. Before I joined steemit I spent a year practicing almost everyday trying to become a manga artist. I put art down to focus on steemit and I plan to pick it up somewhere along the line.

6. Who/what inspires you the most on the steemit platform?

Answer: Successful steemians. It's always inspiring to see people who've made a name for themselves on the platform. It gives me hope that one day I can attain their level.

8. If you were to change something about steemit, what would that be?

Answer: The flagging system. I don't think it's totally fair for people to flag others without giving reasons why. Adding such a feature to steemit would prevent the flag abuse that we see from some users on steemit.

8. Tell us how steemit has impacted your life either negatively or positively

Answer: Steemit has impacted my life positively in many ways. I'm now focused, I'm more productive, I have concrete goals that I want to achieve. Without steemit I don't think I'd be able to fully utilize my talent in writing.

9. Where do you see yourself on steemit in the next one year?

Answer: In a better place than I am currently. If all goes well I could be a dolphin by then.

10. How did you hear about @steemiansarena?

**Answer:""From the threads on nairaland. I was around when @tosyne2much introduced the concept, I joined soon after.

11. What advice do you have for those who come to steemit with ill-convinced mentality that they want to come and pack money?

Answer: Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme, if you think it is you're going to get frustrated and quit. Steemit requires patience and consistency. I've found out that being part of a community helps. I don't think I would have come this far without the support of @steemiansarena and other communities I've joined.

Don't be discouraged when your post payout isn't cooperating. Keep making quality posts, keep making quality comments, keep making quality contributions to the communities you've joined. Do these things consistently and you'll build enough momentum to reach the point where you can make money on steemit while you sleep.

Thank you for taking this time to respond to our questions @jacksondavies

Interviewed by @paigegirl


Great interview! @jacksondavies is amazing. Thank you for your support Jackson!

Thanks @ammyluv. It's always a pleasure working with you guys.

@jackson really deserves the honour. Steemiansarena did well to give him what he merits.

Good one @jacksondavies.. It was a fun read

And big thumbs up to @steemiansarena you guys are the best... Supporting minnows and people who are new to steemit isn't always an easy thing to do... Just don't relent and your rewards won't be far away 👌✌

Thanks @prayzz.

We're definitely not relenting.

Wow..@jacksondavies interviewing you is nothing buh a source of inspiration
Nice one @paigegirl my dear

congratulations @ jacksondavies

Wow!!@paigegirl you are the real deal, lol. It was fun reading your interview @jacksondavies. @steemiansarena I bow for you o. You are always a source of motivations.

Thanks for supporting us @ayoshewa

U welcome Boss.

This is beautiful
Nice one @jacksondavies I almost gave on steemit at first too.

I'm glad you didn't @prechyrukky.
Where would we be without our future whale.

Wow work well done.. Good job really impressed

Thanks @loveforlove.
Keep working and you'll rise up too.

We the younger steemians are immensely motivated by your story @jacksondavies. I hope to gradually ascend the knowledge ladder of steemit. Kudos to @steemiansarena

Keep working hard and smart @seajae, and stay consistent.

You'll be climbing that ladder every day, and one day you'll be where you desire.

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