Dear life: First day at work made possible by steemit with support from @leeuw

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Life is truly beautiful with steemit.Have been asking myself if not for this life transforming platform where will some of us be. For the past months, my survival depended heavily on steemit and support of amazing friends here like @leeuw and @surfyogi. Life took a wrong turn and I almost lost hope, but these amazing steemians supported me in those hard times. Currently, through government flagship program called NABCO in Ghana here, I was posted to support one of the Senior High Schools. Initially I became heavily burdened because I had no money to help with my mobility from a remote village to the town I was stationed, until @leeuw came in and massively supported me with something enough to cater for my transportation. Have been off for sometime now because of some formalities I needed to sort out. Even though a bit of struggle here and there I am so greatful for the support and pray that thing improve. I will surely keep house posted on my life events.




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this is very good news, thanks for this update! yeah all is not so easy in fact it is hard, but with your viral optimism and trust in life and in steem, blockchain and with your economy background you will succeed and you have made further decisive progress now, professor!

@leeuw today they give you good news, your support has been very helpful for the friend @steemgh

This good news fills with joy

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