Farming and segregation

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This is how the indian village looked arpund these days.


The common sight at any corner of the village, paddy, husks and straws. Thisnis the most laburous task the farmer get involved with. After citti g tye paddy from the fields they bring it on the field for segregation lrocess where, the grains were seperated from the paddy.


After that, the paddys were seperwted either by the help of machine, or by stroking it againt a hard surface. It take lot of effort in making the grains seperated. Once the bunch of seperated grains is ready, we start to count by the help of a bamboo bucket.




After every count, we put a mark, seperstely to make a mark for every count. Each bucket has a xapacity of 50Kg. So after emptying each time, we put a mark to remember the number of bucket fields.


Pretty unorthodox way of counting the production considering we are living in the 21 century and there are so much of technological advancement happened. Anyhow, illiterate village people were very much habitual with the old traditional process. And they are quite comfortable with it.

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